What Can We Learn From The Zombie Apocalypse?

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There are parts of all of us that need to be developed. We are no greater than the thoughts we think. We get up every day. Go to work. Walk the dogs. Cook the food. Mind the children. But do we move as a result of who we really are or who we want to project ourselves to be. We have to bring our outside lives, the things we do daily, in alignment with our real selves. Like many others I watch The Walking Dead. What fascinates me so much about the show is who we turn into when we lose the things we think make us who we are.

Beauty, convenience, safety and security – lost. How do we define what is right and wrong when there is no law enforcement or government? Who we are and what we decide is important are radically altered when the circumstances around us become unsustainable. What’s interesting is the mechanism by which we accomplish anything in either scenario remains the same. How do we survive if not through cooperation with each other? How do we take care of ourselves if not through the sharing of information, knowledge, and resources?

What happens when everything in society changes? It is exaggerated in stories of the apocalypse, but every person is important. The group needs everyone in the group to survive. Everyone has a role and a place and anyone could save your life at any time. Why do we presume it to be different for us? That personal growth and every person that is part of the human family is somehow unimportant until there are zombies. That your ideas are not important.

If we think about it, life wasn’t always about the culture and technology we live with now. What was it that made society morph into what we know to be life today? Someone had an idea that changed the course of history and people believed in it enough to go along with them. One person simply had a thought and acted upon it. Then a collection of people had thoughts and acted on them. Our landscape is truly dynamic in that any one of us at any time have the potential to have an idea that would benefit us all.



Any struggle, pain, or tough situation we have is a sign that we are in the process of changing. We are changing into something far different than we were before. There is something inside all of us that needs to get out. Deepak Chopra teaches that all problems can be solved through personal and spiritual awakening. He states “problems arise from what I call contracted awareness. The second state is expanded awareness. There is a third level which is called awareness without boundaries. The awareness has no conditioning whatsoever. Solutions are found when we expand our state of awareness.

Have you ever considered yourself more than just the body you are in right now? Our body is stardust. Our ‘soul’ resides in stillness; not in life’s day-to-day turmoil. Finding that stillness is our chance to get back to reality, to get in touch with who we really are and allow our intuition to develop ideas through our awareness rather than our best guess. Those ideas serve us better than anything we could voluntarily make-up.

I believe all of our consciousness is interconnected; as is everything else in the universe. “Our consciousness is a drop in the ocean and the ocean in the drop.” (Deepak Chopra) If our bodies know how to function perfectly, why do we believe we ourselves do not? We just have to learn how to see the universe in a single rose. Learn to forgive, to be grateful and loving, to be joyful, and to listen.

Rather than focusing on the creation of our own ideas, we look to others to give us what we should be giving ourselves. And when they do not measure up to our expectations we have no place for them. This is a fallacy. Enhance your own thoughts and ideas. Let go of worry and shame and regret. Feed yourself with your ideas from your stillness. Something great is calling to you from the source. A change that only you can bring to the world. We are not slaves to our day-to-day. We are the creators of all experience.

Society needs you. I need you.

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