How to Disconnect From The World And Find Peace

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Disconnecting from everything around you is hard, but necessary. Do you have stress build up in your body? Neck and shoulders tense? Is your mind going faster than your body possibly can? STOP! Disconnect. If you live in chronic, persistent stress you will be welcoming a stroke soon.

Get some ME time

If you want a healthy mind, it’s fundamental to disconnect from the world sometimes. When you get home in the afternoon, go for a walk, read a book, exercise or just sit down and stare into space. Either way, relax!

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If you are like most people, you spend much more time with your phone, laptop and TV than you do with yourself. Even when it’s not related to school or work, most people are glued to the screens. Technology has completely taken over peoples minds.

Even technology needs to power down and update.

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In The Future

When you are sitting around telling all your stories to the grandkids someday, they don’t want to hear the day to day technology. They want to hear about your life and the exciting things you did. Get out and make memories.

Don’t wait until you don’t know who you are anymore. Be selfish! Recharge your mind and body. Remember what you used to do before technology took you over.

Who’s In Control?

You must realize that you have control over grabbing that cell phone every time it dings.

When was the last time you actually went to visit someone? Without your phone in your hand the entire time? I’m sure your parents or children would love to have you over. Don’t have an itinerary, talk about old times, cool memories. LOL for real, DON’T type it.

Technology has taken us away from reality to the point of missing human interaction. To stay sane, our brains crave intelligent and wholesome conversations.

You should interact more and pay attention to people’s body language and little quirks that you’ve been missing with your nose glued to the screen.

In The Past

Dinner was once a time for families to connect and talk about their day. Parents listened to what was going on in their kids’ lives. Whether it was a problem learning a subject at school or that there was a misunderstanding with a friend. Now, everyone at the table has a different device going.

When was the last time you sat down and wrote a letter to a distant family member just to check on them? That is totally unheard of in society today.

It’s just as important to connect as it is to disconnect. You should load up the family or dog, whoever resides with you, put the luggage on the cargo roof rack and go for a visit to see loved ones. Leave the devices at home.

Stop Escaping Reality

Research has shown that to avoid being alone with our thoughts, we grab a device to escape our own mind.

So, we immediately go to Facebook. Well, Bob is marrying that beautiful lady he found on social media. Sally’s daughter just had a gorgeous baby. Tom graduated from college. Helen just got a promotion at that fantastic job she landed. If your life looked good before, it might not now. Anxiety and depression have been on the rise with social media. Yet, we don’t stop to see that we are only looking at the good in those peoples lives, not the whole picture. Studies show that there is an increase in people‘s happiness just one week after Facebook and you don’t even have to take a pill.

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Spend more time with people that matter and show them attention and love instead of your phone. It’s guaranteed to have a better outcome in the future.

It’s truly amazing how smiling and laughing with family or friends can’t take away the tension in your whole body.    

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