If You Need Focus at Work, Do Deepak Chopra’s 3-Minute Meditation

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Some of us are blessed with razor-sharp focus. Others less so. Unfortunately, I fall under the second category. While I do have periods of intense focus, I have what I “fondly” call a monkey brain, which tends to get distracted easily both by external and internal stimuli. This is where this Deepak Chopra 3-minute meditation comes in handy.

Whether you are back in the office, or you’re still working from home, work stress can always present itself. Sometimes, the source of stress may not even be related to work. The result is the same – you lose focus and can’t do your job to the best of your ability. Which, of course, adds even more weight to your already heavy shoulders.

You may have a lot on your plate, so long-ish breaks are not always possible. But, if you find yourself losing focus, feeling tired or frustrated, or you simply could use a breather, take three minutes.

In this video, the best-selling author and alternative medicine advocate offers a brief respite from the stress of the workday. Its utter simplicity is refreshing and quite effective, too!

If you have more free time, I suggest this 15-minute meditation for grounding and renewing strength.

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