Are You Getting an ESA Dog? Here are the Health Benefits

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Pet lovers will quickly tell you of the joy and unconditional love they get every day from their pets. The feel-good-combination is capable of warming the heart of even the most cold-hearted person you know. Moreover, it is for these reasons that mental health professionals now acknowledge that emotions and the resultant release of endorphins helps people suffering from mental, emotional and physical health problems.

Sigmund Freud (legendary psychoanalyst) often used his pet Chow during therapy sessions with patients. Freud was obviously way ahead of the rest of the world at the time, but other mental health professionals are fast realizing that pets are good for people! You can get an emotional support animal online to help an individual dealing with intellectual, physical or psychiatric disability; here are the main benefits of having an ESA dog.


Emotional Support Animals (ESA) pets – dogs, cats, hamsters or any animal of reasonable size – offer companionship to people, while helping them cope with their treatments and disorders. However, you need to have an official ESA letter so that your pet will accompany you wherever you go. The letter ensures you will never feel lonely or isolated.

In many cases, establishment managers, store owners, and workers understand that you need to have emotional companionship and will let you through without any issues. An official ESA letter lets you enjoy the company of your furry friend at all times.

Reduced Isolation

Having an ESA dog or cat helps lessen isolation. This means exceptional benefits for individuals who are most often feeling depressed and lonely. For instance, an emotional support dog offers you the opportunity to socialize and interact with other dog owners in parks.

Dogs are generally friendly creatures that make for the perfect icebreakers. ESA pets are perfect for allowing you to get to know people in a new neighborhood as you take it to grooming sessions or while visiting the vet.


An ESA pet keeps your mind wandering from the issues that are likely plaguing you. This helps reduce your anxiety levels while keeping you calm at all times. Focusing in the moment you have with your pet will keep you from excessively worrying about future or past events, encouraging you to stay positive and cheerful, no matter what you’re going through.

By having an ESA dog close by, it will help to counteract the effects produced by anxiety. Several studies already show that once an individual interacts with a trusted dog, their stress levels start decreasing remarkably. You anxiety level reduces when stress levels are lower, giving you numerous physical and mental benefits.

The Physical Benefits

While there are numerous mental and emotional health benefits of having an ESA pet, there are also many great physical benefits. A dog provides individuals struggling with illness a reason for getting outside and exercising. Whether it’s just a short walk in the backyard or around the neighborhood, getting outdoors and being active improves individual’s mental and physical health.

When there is a decrease in mental symptoms such as stress and anxiety, the body is likely to respond even better. In fact, most parts in your body are affected by your mental state, and for many common issues, an ESA dog offers an effective solution.

If you or someone close to you could benefit from having an emotional support dog, the best place to start is by gathering as much information as possible. Fortunately, you can register a dog that you have been with for several years, or you can choose one for that specific reason. However, ensure that the dog demonstrates intelligence, calmness and loyalty.

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  1. Your pet is like one of your family members that understand your feelings. When you’re under stress, you may not like to be in the company of your friends or even your best friends may not like to join you in distress. On the other hand, your ESA will not ignore or leave you in loneliness. It will help in alleviating your stress, thereby providing mental solace. My aged grandma also has obtained a 2-in-1 recommendation letter for her ESA from a reputed online Pet Support Doctor, Now she is enjoying her life with the support of her ESA without paying any extra fee or deposits.

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