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Mobile phones can often be targeted as a cause of stress and anxiety. From checking social media every four minutes to being constantly available for anyone to contact us. Most consumer don’t realise there are hundreds off apps to help your wellbeing. From meditation to apps that help you sleep, you can get help directly off your phone to help enhance your day.

Check out some of the best Apps for health and wellbeing below.

Let’s Meditate: Guided Meditation

Let’s Meditate is a pretty simple app, it lets you straight into the action and you can start calming your day quickly. Just fire up the app and choose a track designed to help you relax and gain balance in your life. The app covers a wide range of ailments and helps the user with sleep, anxiety and mind healing.

The meditation tracks last from 5 minutes to 40 minutes. You can save the tracks to your phone, so you can meditate without the use of mobile data or WIFI. There’s no Ads or popups which is expected for an app that’s designed to enhance calm. The app is free but there is a choice of in-app purchases.

Insight Timer – Free Meditation App

Insight Timer is a very popular mediation app with over 5 million members using the app. It comes with over 12,000 guided meditations and 1000 music tracks. These require streaming so access to WIFI or mobile data is essential.

They boast over 2500 meditation teachers and 5000 discussion groups to help you share your experience and learn off the community. There is a 7-day meditation course and you can track your goals and milestones. You can use the app offline if you pay $4.99 a month.

Meditation & Relaxation: Guided Meditation

This app is great for learning meditation and gradually advancing to become a meditation expert. It comes with multiple 7-day guides.

? 7 Days meditation for beginners
? 14 Day advanced meditation
? 7 Days to stress relief
? 7 Days to focus
? 7 Days to better sleep
? 7 Days to self-esteem
? 7 Days to happiness

This app was only released in 2018 and has quickly gained 500,000 downloads. Its free to use the basic functions but you can buy in-app purchases for other meditations guides from $0.99.

Simple Habit Meditation

This award-winning app is perfect for people with a busy lifestyle. With multiple 5-minute tracks you can mediate on the move, at work or at home. Its perfect for stress, anxiety and the sleep tracks help you drift off to a perfect night’s sleep.

Its free to download but to use the premium service its $10.99 a month of $95.99 if you pay for the full year. This is a premium app that’s well worth the extra month.

Using your mobile device for wellbeing has never been easier.

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