5 Holistic Trends for Improved Mental Health

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Mental health is a concern for many people. Adults, teens and kids can all suffer from mental health issues. Thankfully, there are holistic treatments that can help ease the effects of depression and anxiety. Holistic therapies can treat the mind and body, relieving some of the stress caused by these illnesses. Find out why things like CBD oil, breathwork, tracking screen time, art therapy and using the five senses are some of the hottest holistic trends for improving mental health.

1. CBD Treatment

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The most frequently discussed trend of 2019 is probably CDB oil. Daily use of CBD can be an effective way of improving your overall mood. This extract has been hailed by many for its healing properties. Some studies have shown that cannabinoids derived from CBD can prevent anandamide from breaking down, which can encourage feelings of bliss. Cannabinoids like those in CBD are naturally found naturally in the body, and are released when people feel relaxed, happy and secure. Full spectrum CDB capsules employee all cannabinoids rather than just CBD. When all of the cannabinoids are working together, it’s said the effects are more prominent.

2. Breathwork

Breathing techniques have been used for centuries to relax and relieve stress. For those who are concerned with mental health, relaxation and stress relief should be a priority. Too much stress and poor stress management skills can lead to decreased mental stability. Stress can even impact physical health. Thankfully, many breathwork techniques restore both mind and body. Some popularized techniques include clarity, holotropic and rebirthing breathwork. Some of these exercises can be done on your own, while others are guided.

3. Tracking Screen Time

Spending too much time looking at a screen can do damage to your physical and mental health. Vision health is often the first concern for someone who looks at a computer, phone or TV screen for too long each day, but mental health can be a concern, too. For example, being on social media all day is said to be detrimental. It’s common to develop feelings of jealousy or envy when scrolling through other people’s vacation photos or family pictures online. Social media also encourages people to compare themselves to others, which can lead to lower self-esteem. Tracking and limiting how much time you spend on social media could help you stay happier throughout the day.

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4. Art Therapy

Art therapy is another hot holistic trend, and for good reason. This coping tool engages creativity and the creative process to treat issues like depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder and everyday stress. You may have seen this trend emerge in the form of adult coloring books, but it’s become much more than that. In fact, it’s a popular tool for therapists to help patients experience self-discovery, improved self-esteem, emotional release and relief from anxiety and depression. Bringing a little bit of music, visual art or dance into your life for just a few minutes each day can give you the desired results.

5. Using the Five Senses

Being present in the moment can help connect your mind and body. Engaging the five senses is one of the best ways to create this mind and body connection. You may remember being taught in grade school that the five senses are touch, taste, sight, sound and smell. In mindfulness practices, the five senses are used to ground the body and focus the mind on the present moment. Being in the present moment can help you identify the feelings that are causing distress, allowing them to be dealt with. Spending some time each day engaging the five senses may help you manage your feelings better throughout the day and work through stress that creates anxiety.

Health trends may come and go, but the tools that really help often stick around. CBD oil, breathwork, tracking screen time, art therapy and using the five senses seem like holistic trends that are here to stay.

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