A Look at Some Real Tibetan Buddhist Meditators

When the Tibetans first fled their home land after the Chinese invasion a documentary maker called Arnuad Desjardin was on the scene. He was granted access to some of the highest lamas and the most secret practices in the name of preserving these ancient Tibetan Traditions.

I thought I would show you this video seeing as it is a Saturday and you are probably trying to relax. Watching these guys will help you do that! In this short film you will see some of the greatest meditation masters of the last generation. Most of them have passed away now but their example is still with us. In many cases their reincarnations have been found and are living and teaching in India, Nepal and all over the world.

This is what real meditation looks like.


6 thoughts on “A Look at Some Real Tibetan Buddhist Meditators

  1. Many of them seemed very deep into meditation while having their eyes open. I would think this would cause physiological discomfort in about 5 minutes, as well as generally not being healthy for the eyes. Are they blinking?? Thanks for the video.


  2. This is interesting footage.

    As far as I know, once the eyes are an organ of the senses, they work similarly, for example, the ears: they can be open and you can still perfectly transcend them. In fact, nobody covers the ears to meditate.

    The Daily Minder: how’s that can be bad for the eyes?

  3. The reason I thought it might be is because they didn’t seem to blink at all, and if so, definitely less than what would seem prudent for moisturizing of the eyes.

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