10 Simple Things Happy People Do Around the World

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The elusive thing that everyone wants but often difficult to describe.

Unsurprisingly, the topic is covered to death.

What is happiness? How to achieve happiness? What are the habits of happy people?

Today, it’s that last bit that we’re going to look at – but with a global perspective.

SavingSpot went around the world, so to speak, and identified simple things happy people do in different countries – from Hawaii to Germany to Spain.

Emphasis on simple.

They put their findings together in one cute infographic. Truth be told, I was familiar with many of these habits before I saw the infographic, but I never really saw them as “happiness habits”. Now that I’ve seen the graphic, I have a fresh perspective – and you might have the same experience, too.

Take a look for yourself.

things happy people do
Courtesy of: SavingsSpot

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