President Barack Obama: Change We Need

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President Barack Obama

What we are witnessing now is an historic moment. Barack Obama has won the election and is now the President of the United States of America. Finally.

This is a truly amazing moment because it marks the end of the disastrous Bush Administration and ushers in an era where the American people have chosen a man based on his merits and policies and not overlooked him because of the color of his skin or the sound of his name.

Today is a day we will never forget.

I congratulate America on electing a man who promises to change things. We need it. The Bush Administration has divided the world and it is my hope that Obama will patch things up, slowly. It will be a big job but the process has already begun – Obama has brought much of America together.

I wish him the best of luck for the next four years.


22 thoughts on “President Barack Obama: Change We Need

  1. As President Elect Barack Obama said so clearly in his speech, “because of what we did on this day in this election, change has come to America.” This victory is the chance to BE and act in alignment with the change we seek. “The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep. There will be setbacks and false starts.” The challenges are the greatest in a century. So as people working together, we need to summon a new spirit. “A new dawn of American leadership is at hand.” It is our responsibility to engage with and in that leadership.
    “Yes, we can.” Where there is breath, there is hope.

  2. I hope you can recognize the stunning similarities between President Barack Obama and Adolf Hitler. Hitler won an election just like Obama, and just like hilter Obama has very BAD change in mind for the future. I’ve always enjoyed your comments on life, but I will be cancelling my subscription to the Daily Mind. I’m sorry. If you would like conformation visit this link:

    Thanks again,

  3. Drawing comparisons between Hitler and Obama is quite outlandish. I find it strange that anyone would be so silly in thinking this. Obama has never given speeches about racism or hate and has not used a hatred of Jews or other nations to bring people together. In fact, he has done the opposite.

    Today he has united America and brought people closer together than they have been since the 60s. More people voted. More people lined up. More people made their voice heard.

    Feel free to cancel your subscription. I am very sorry to see you go but I ask that you reconsider your fearful view of Obama and support changes in America that need to take place. Someone has got to do it. The place is a mess.

    And by the way. That video is religious extremist hate. It made me physically ill to watch. I hope that you are able to think for yourself and come up with your own opinions about Obama and the changes that need to happen in the USA.


  4. Great day for the US. I can’t wait to see how the world economy does today, I bet its going to do pretty well. Now we just need to pass the law where he can start work tomorrow and not the end of January 🙂

    As to the Hitler comment, very sad, luckily those voices are getting quieter and quieter, but its definitely a symptom of how are country has been. Full of fear, and hatred. Now there’s hope, hopefully 🙂


  5. America chose hope over fear today. They chose to move on from the 8 years of Bush lead fear, war and hatred. Whether you are Republican or Democrat electing Obama is a wonderful thing because it shows a country can change.

    Basically that religious stuff on youtube is racism. People are afraid that he has a funny name and so make outrageous and illogical claims like that he is similar to Hitler. It has no basis in fact whatsoever.

    Sad. I hope people all over the world can come together in the coming years under an Obama led USA.

  6. It is indeed a great day in the United States of America. I also can’t help but feel that it is a great day for the world.

    We are living through historical times: a world-wide ideological/religious war fought in the open and in tucked away corners of the world; world-wide economies in turmoil; an American President who inspires hope not just in America but throughout the world.

    Are we entering a new era of history? No. We entered this era after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Now, we are in the midst of history. Most important on this historic day is the proof that the United States still has the ability to change. Still has the ability to inspire. Still has the ability to tack in the middle of a storm (a self-created storm perhaps?). May President Elect Obama have peace in his personal life, calm during the crises he faces, strength in negotiations, and wisdom in all the decisions he will make.

  7. Shiloh,

    Seriously? Do you really mean to imply that our entire form of government will be dissolved under Obama’s leadership and replaced by a dictatorship?

    My mind boggles that there are still extremists like this floating around. I suppose it’s to be expected, but the ignorance is just fascinating.

    On a better note, America once again made history today. While it will take some time, change will come with hope for a better tomorrow.

  8. It is nice that so many Americans now have hope for our future.

    I think collectively the people Americans have elected to Congress and the presidency have let us down and this goes back before the present Bush Administration. It hasn’t been about what’s best for our country, it’s what’s best for my own backyard. Members of both political parties are guilty of that.

    Our country needs to go back to really having checks and balances in place between the judicial, legislative, and executive branches. It seems the executive and legislative branches have been in a power strugle and the judicial branch is afraid to actually interpret the U.S. Constitution as it was originally written.

    This is a new and exciting era for our country. While I wish President-Elect Obama had more experience to lead our country, the fact that he is so well received around the world is a much needed positive for us. My hope is he will be able to use diplomacy to mend our relationships with countries that were once strong allies. Despite differences, I hope all Americans come together to heal the country and make positive change.

  9. This has got to be the dumbest article I have ever read. How do you thing this “change” is going to happen. Where do you thing that the money for socialized medicine or the numerous government programs that Obaha has promised will just magically appear? Higher taxes and redistribution of wealth is never the answer. I know that there a lot of people that has the misconception that wealthy people are like “Mr. Monopoly”. The majority of Millionaires are first generation wealthy. These “evil rich people” who need to pay their fair share already pay the majority of taxes. I know that it’s trendy and sophisticated to be on the Obama band wagon but you really need to look past this shallow facade to the socialism that he is going to bring. Do you really believe that a real Democrat like JFK would agree with the way the Democrat party has gone? It’s the party of the leftist, socialist, gay and lesbian crowd. Why don’t you move to Europe so you can be a rebellious youngster and sophisticated over there?

  10. Powerful words Shayne. Truly.

    This comment is so riddled with inaccuracies I don’t know where to begin.

    Firstly, the “change” is already taking place. People are happy again. They have hope again. They are moving away from the fear that the Bush years created. So change is already happening. Most Americans are proud of what their democracy did yesterday.

    I could go on for hours but I couldn’t be bothered. I just don’t know what you Obama haters want. I really don’t get it.

  11. Shane you are of seriously limited intellecutal capacity. Your clearly lack any conceptual understanding of rudimentary ecnomics in making your assumption so let me spell out the basics for your and the others who have been taken in by this tax = socialism dogma of the NRA and McCain.

    As Colin powell so poignantly observed ‘All tax is a redistribution of wealth’ that is the basic premise of tax. The reason that there is a marginal tax system is because money, like all scarce resources produces diminishing marginal returns to the individual, i.e. when you are starving $5 will make your far happier than $5 when you are a millionaire. To provide a direct application taking and extra $20 from each person with a million dollars (arbitrary figures) so that a seriously ill person can have government backed life saving medical treatment without insurance. The loss of utility from that $20 dollars to the wealthy person whose needs (and for the most parts wants) have been completely fulfilled is infinitely outweighed by the value to the person whose life it will save. Further one would hope that the person parting with that money in the knowledge that it was being used in such a way would also gain benefit in knowing they were helping those less fortunate. At the very least they should gain benefit from knowing that the society they live in does not leave people to die when they (for whatever reason) do not have medical insurance. This is the way the rest of the developed world operates, the UK, Canada, Europe, Australia New Zealand etc all to varying degrees. No one with a modicum of intelligence or education has ever seriously proposed that these countries are socialistic or have eschewed capitalism.

    My great concern is how easily this ignorant propoganda has been dispersed by the Republicans and adopted by their proletariat foot soldiers, those who would in fact benefit most from such policies. While there are legitimate economic arguments for having wholly privatised health care and other public services (arguments with their own serious flaws) none of them takes the absurd line of argument that to make any redistribution of wealth is socialism, communism and contrary to capitalism.

    So there you go, economics and utilitarinism 101, spread the word Shayne, call your girl, call your friends call your mother, matter of fact conference call your wack crew and tell each other.

  12. Thanks Alex.

    I really appreciate the economic input but that’s more cursing than I’d like to hear from a soldier in peace time.

    The point about diminishing marginal returns is so important for people to understand. I find it horrible to think that, if you lived in America two years ago your battle with cancer might have turned out differently.

    The wealthiest nation the Earth has ever seen and millions in poverty, millions more unable to afford health care – and people complain about Obama wanting to increase tax on the wealthy? And like you said, because its a tax on the wealthy people call it socialism. It’s just tax.

    I think Chris Rock put it best:

    “Anyone who who makes up their mind without hearing the issues is a fucking idiot. Nobody is all Republican or all Democrat. We are liberal on some issues, conservative on others. Consider the issues, let it swirl around in your head, then make up your mind.”

    The blind following of a political part, left wing or right wing is more worrying than any minor tax increase.

    Thanks again Alex.

  13. The comment that it is just tax speaks volumes. When we look to government to solve our problems we are giving up freedom!

    What does the government do well consistently that suggests that they know what to do with the money I earn better than I?

    High taxes on high wage earners also discourages job creation and hurts the the very people that it is meant to help. I saw what the “luxury tax” in the early 90’s did to a lot of people that made there living in the boating industry as an example. If you want to create jobs and opportunity lower the corp. taxes. Besides, business does not pay taxes, it is a cost of doing business. The higher the corp taxes the high the cost of goods to the consumer.

  14. Carl – your taxes pay for roads, hospitals, highways, pension, defense, and many more things. Do you think the USA is on top of all of these things? Millions homeless and a health care system behind a lot of third world countries?

    Anyway – he is only talking about putting the top tax bracket up to 39%. That’s a good deal. Here in Australia the top tax bracket is 50%! And we have seen faster growth over the last 10 years than almost any country – more jobs, more investment, stronger economy.

    Anyway. Thanks for the comment Carl. I do disagree with you though that you are giving up freedom – you elect the leaders who have tax policies and they spend that tax money to strengthen your country.

    At least that is the theory.


  15. I will not compare Obama to Hitler, which is, as you say, not appropriate.

    But I am curious how you can say that he has “united America.” What has he done to “unite America”? He received only 52% of the vote–hardly a landslide or a mandate. Of those who voted, more than 57 million people voted against him. This hardly seems like a “united America.”

    The fact is, Obama has not yet done anything–since he is not yet president. Why don’t we wait until he actually does something before we anoint him as a “uniter.” This kind of worshipful exaggeration doesn’t accomplish anything.

  16. It’s what we actually need,meetings and meetings r not going to help us in future rather fast change can only change patterns of life ,economy ,& thereby of the world!!!

  17. Your 2008, it looks like old Chi was right about Obama. People wanted change. Obama wanted transformation. We got the latter and its all going to hell.

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