Dos and Don’ts for Christmas Time

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The holiday season has begun, whether we are ready for it or not! The weather has definitely begun to chill, and even stores have begun to switch into their Christmas decor. As we gear up for the snowy holiday, we begin to organize our lives. Many of us have our Christmas prep down to a science, while others are still trying to find their groove. Even if you feel like you have your system perfectly in place, there are always areas you can improve.

Below we have highlighted some dos and don’ts you should keep in mind this year!

Dos and Don’ts for Christmas Time


Decorate creatively

Typically, most of us stick to our usual decorations we’ve used consistently over the years. This season, try changing it up a little! Letting your creative juices flow can be quite therapeutic, especially during the stress the holidays bring. An easy place to start is with your Christmas tree. As a focal point in your home, this small adjustment will transform your decorations. Attempt to bring the outdoor feeling of a snowy tree into your home with a flocked Christmas tree. These trees are extremely easy to decorate since they are beautiful on their own! Small acorns placed throughout the branches can go a long way. If you decide to get a real tree, refer here on creative ways to go about decorating it.


Work too much

While it is understandable that we can not drop our job completely during the holidays, it is very important that we do not compromise time with our family. Leaving your work at the office and being fully present when you are celebrating is extremely important. Allow yourself a small transition time so you are able to have the right mindset when spending time with family. While you are driving home from work, take this time to decompress. Recap your day in your head, or even speak your successes out loud. Whatever it is, make sure you give yourself closure on your workday. This way, when you get home you will be fully engaged with the conversations and the celebration.


Random Acts of Kindness

With the busy schedules we keep during the holidays, it is so easy to forget what we should really be focusing on- giving back to others! Fitting small acts of generosity into your normal day can be so easy, and so rewarding. If you’re travelling for the holidays, it can be as effortless as paying the toll for the car behind you, or you could thank your coworkers with a batch of your holiday cookies. Whatever you choose to do, pay your kindness forward, you really don’t know who’s day you will be affecting!


Just wing it

Stay ahead of the stress! Give yourself a plan when entering these busy months. When you just “wing it” you will definitely forget important tasks, which can eventually lead to small panic attacks – something you don’t want to experience during the happy holiday. Whether you work better with a day planner or a notebook filled with to-do lists, invest in something to physically write your responsibilities down. This will help you define goals for yourself and keep you on a systemized schedule, so you have everything in order.


Put down your electronics

Our phones can be extremely distracting and take away from quality time spent with your loved ones. Social media can especially be addicting this time of year. While you are constantly viewing what other people are doing and how they are celebrating, it ultimately takes away from experiencing this in real life! It’s crucial to limit screen time to around 3 hours a day. Implement it in your morning routine, and then stay off it until the late afternoon. Phones now have the capability to set timers on your usage. Challenge yourself to utilize this tool and begin to decrease your tech time!


Forget to be healthy

Staying healthy is important all year round, however it is especially neglected during Christmas time. Not only can exercising be a form of meditation, but it also helps negate the copious amounts of desserts you will be eating. Even something as simple as a walk on your lunch break would suffice! You should also focus on getting the right amount of sleep. Staying up too late in the night, to then be getting up early in the morning will not benefit anyone, and could result in an emotional breakdown.

The holiday season is one of a kind. It’s a time where everyone puts their own needs aside and focuses on spreading joy! I’d love to hear your tips on how you do so below.

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