How to Manage Stress at Work

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The human mind has evolved to react to stressful situations despite how the environments have changed. The brain’s fight-or-flight reaction evaluates situations and reacts to those deemed potentially hazardous. The stressors today are vastly different than those of your ancestors but the brain still recognizes them as a threat to your health. Ironically, the stress itself is what may be threatening your health which is why GetCRM has created a visual to help you manage stress at work.

The term “work-life balance” is a common buzzword in business but remains just that, a mere buzzword for most. It is a difficult goal to achieve when the majority of your waking adult life is spent at work. In fact, the average American works 34.4 hours per week which is 20.5 percent of your entire year.

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With your career using a disproportionately large amount of your time, the accompanying stress comes as no surprise. Implement the tips below to relieve your work-related stress and enjoy a better quality of life, even if it is a work-life integration, instead of striking a balance.

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Relieving stress from your daily life can greatly impact your overall happiness and extend far beyond the workplace. Being mindful of your stress levels and managing them appropriately can improve not just your mental health but your physical health as well. Managing stress effectively is a component of a well-rounded lifestyle including diet, exercise and sleep.

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