How to Have a Successful Long Distance Relationship

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Long distance relationships are a relatively new concept; with digital technologies making it easier than ever to stay in contact with people from all over the world. While a long-distance relationship certainly isn’t a traditional approach to a relationship, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not a viable one.

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Here’s how to have a successful long-distance relationship that can be just as fulfilling as a local one. 

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1. Make Sure You’ve Got the Same Goals in Mind for the Relationship

The first thing you want to do is decide what the end goal is for your relationship. Will someone be moving to the other person’s city/state eventually? Are you just casually flirting online? Do you plan to get serious about it? It’s important that each of you has the same goals in mind for the duration of the relationship, and that you communicate any changes in those goals. 

If you want a long-term relationship and she wants a short-term fling, you’re setting yourself up for failure. You can’t exactly pursue someone that wants the opposite of what you do with incurring some heartbreak along the way. Communicate and understand each other’s goals for a better long-distance experience.

2. Good Communication 

The universal truth about relationships is that they do not function well without good communication. Letting your partner know how you’re feeling and what you want are crucial to maintaining trust and keeping them informed. Without good communication, neither person knows what to expect or what the other person wants; leading to frustration, misconceptions, and assumptions. 

Make time to contact your long-distance partner via video chat or phone call, so you can hear their voice and see their face. Even with so many digital tools available, it’s vital to the success of your relationship to maintain some human aspect of it. You can’t text or message only and expect to have a fulfilling relationship. After all, deep discussions and making your partner smile are two of the best parts of a relationship!

3. Make Trips for In-Person Interactions

Since you’re so far away from each other, making time for in-person visits is a must. Physical touch is a love language in itself and helps us feel closer to our partners. Be sure to make time (and financial space) to visit your long-distance partner as often as your schedule and your wallet will allow. 

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4. Focus on the Positives 

It can be incredibly disheartening when doubts begin to take root in your mind. You’ll begin asking things like, “Is this really worth it? Do I really want a long distance relationship?” When doubts begin to challenge your relationship, it’s important to remember the positive aspects of the relationship and the person you’re dating. 

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What do you like most about him or her? What does the future hold for you both? What is distance really, but a minor obstacle if you truly love someone? When things get tough, remember what makes you happy about your relationship and how bright the future can be you remain strong. 

5. Set Boundaries and Rules

Boundaries apply to any type of relationship, and can truly serve as an indicator as to whether or not the person you’re with truly respects you as a person. Setting boundaries from the beginning is a good way to set the foundation for how you wish to be treated as a person. 

Maybe you don’t like to argue when you’re angry and need time to cool down, or perhaps you don’t want to receive texts or calls while you’re working. Whatever your boundaries are, be sure to communicate them effectively with your partner, and take the time to listen and understand their boundaries as well. 

6. Maintain the Trust 

Another vital piece in your relationship’s foundation is trust. Trust is really the culmination of good communication, effective boundaries, and honesty. Don’t lie to your partner, even about trivial things. If you didn’t answer their call because you didn’t feel like talking, that’s ok, as long as you’re honest about why you didn’t answer. Little lies can add up quickly, and once you tell enough of them, you’ll likely lose track. The truth always comes out eventually. 

Keep the trust alive by maintaining honesty and respecting boundaries. 

7. Avoid Tempting Situations 

It’s Friday night, and your girlfriends are headed to the club. You don’t want to be left home alone, but you know your favorite club is your old stomping grounds and will serve only as a temptation. What do you do?

The best thing to do is to avoid situations like this where temptation is present. If you know certain places are filled with single people, and you’re feeling a bit lonely, make alternative plans, or simply stay home. It’s better to not engage in an environment like that at all than risk the temptation of finding someone who’s physically closer to you. 

8. Send Gifts

Sending gifts to your long-distance partner is a great way to show them you care. Shipping is relatively cheap with the USPS’s flat-rate shipping boxes, so you can send all manner of gifts for a single flat-rate. Whether you’re sending a favorite book, jewelry, or a guide on all natural CBD oil benefits, a simple gesture such as this can mean the world to your partner; especially if you don’t get to see each other often. If you’re sending clothing, give it a quick spray of your favorite perfume or cologne so it smells like you. Trust us on this one. 

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