Why Working Outdoors Is Good for You

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Do you stay all day indoors at your job?

According to a study funded by the EPA, Americans spend 87% of their day indoors. Of all these hours worked, office employees spend 73% of that time sitting down. This means the average American is sitting down inside almost their entire day.

Unfortunately, this way of working has many health consequences. Air quality and bacteria are often worse in indoor settings, while a sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of heart disease and diabetes. As humans, we are designed to move and be within an outdoor environment — studies show that natural light, outdoor air, and greenery can positively impact our health and work performance.

That said, why aren’t we working outside more often? An L.L. Bean study found 65% of workers felt that their job was the biggest obstacle. While the nature of your job may not be suited for outdoors, setting up an occasional outdoor workspace and encouraging activities like outdoor lunches, desk plants, and walking meetings will allow you to enjoy all the benefits of the outdoors.

Need more convincing? The following infographic from BigRentz lists 17 science-backed ways that working outdoors can impact your well-being.  From relieving stress to boosting problem-solving skills, nature can provide that mental boost when you need it, all while helping you achieve better health at work.

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