Ways Fitness Can Benefit Your Finances

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No matter if you regularly train for marathons or enjoy jogging through the park a few times a month, you know the value of a well-regimented fitness routine. Regularly working out and sticking to a routine you lay out for yourself might be tricky to begin with, but it makes achieving those goals you lay out for yourself all the more rewarding.

Reaching those fitness goals isn’t just rewarding, but can have some major payoff for the health of yourself—and the health of your finances. It might sound odd that fitness can benefit your finances, but it all adds up, quite literally. There are several data-backed ways that physical fitness has a positive impact on your financial health, in ways you may not have been expecting.

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For instance: it’s no secret that working out gives you energy and motivation to tackle the rest of your day. But did you know this drive and motivation to achieve can extend outside of the gym? In several studies, those that work out at least three times a week are more productive than their coworkers that don’t—and can earn up to 10% more money than their sedentary coworkers. Just by working out, you can expand your opportunities in the office, leading to better pay, promotions, and more. Use that as motivation for the next time you’re putting off going to the gym!

Another unexpected way working out can improve the health of your finances is in the area of transportation. If you own a car, you’re well aware of the costs that come with it: gas, repairs, and yearly inspections, just to name a few. Owning a car averages at spending $8,000 a year on those regular expenses—which is a large chunk of money to anyone. However, if you live in a bike-accessible area, you could cut down those expenses by nearly 90%, because owning and operating a bike costs just $350 a year; and that isn’t to mention the multitude of health benefits associated with biking. If possible, try biking instead of driving—you’ll get fit while saving cash.

To help get you started on reaching both your financial as well as fitness goals, the team at Intuit Mint assembled a list of six other data-backed ways that putting in some work at the gym can also help you get your finances in order. Check out their infographic below to learn more about reaching both of those goals at once! 

Ways Fitness Can Benefit Finances

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