How Does VR Technology Help Stargardt Disease Patients?

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Stargardt disease is a type of macular degeneration usually found in young people as a result of the recessive gene. It means when both parents carry the ABCA4 mutation, the chances of Stargardt disease in the children go up to 25 percent.

The treatment, however, in young people is different from those who have age-related Macular Degeneration. In other words, ABCA4 is genetic code that sends a message to the body to produce a protein that hinders the normal transportation of food and waste to the retina’s photoreceptor cells.

According to the National Eye Institute (NEI) website, Stargardt disease is an inherited retinal disorder. It explains that it’s a tissue at the back of the eye that senses or understands the light.

Moreover, the disease normally causes vision loss during childhood or adolescence, but it’s been seen that the vision loss may not be noticed until later in adulthood. Read more details about Stargardt disease here.

How to Use Technology to Cope With Stargardt Disease

It’s quite understandable that Stargardt disease, similar to other macular degeneration problems, does not have a cure yet. But this doesn’t mean the research and efforts are not being made to deal with the problem.  One of the examples is IrisVision.

IrisVision may change the way we think about Stargardt disease forever. It’s a revolutionary software technology that is developed after years of research and struggle that has changed the way we deal with the low vision and visual impairment forever. The use of technology which seems to be more of an entertainment gadget to help assist the patients is not just surprising, but it opens the door of possibilities for the technology to come in and solve more problems that we face today.

IrisVision is proud to be the most effective solution for Macular Degeneration. It’s imperative to understand that this disease not only affecting the 70-80 years grandparents, but it is also snatching the eyesight of children. And, this revolutionary product is doing nothing but restoring their vision and changing their lives. This technology didn’t come up so quickly.  Instead, it took decades of research work, experience, and efforts to reach the point where it stands today.

The point arises here is that what has been done to cope with this problem before the IrisVision. The answer is rather disappointing, but the situation won’t be the same anymore. The technology we use to communicate, entertain, and connect with friends, is now being used for better.

The Impact of VR Technology

It’s important to understand that that Macular Degeneration was considered incurable. Now, the lifelong struggle of Dr. Frank Werblin helped identify the cure through the smartphone technology especially using the virtual reality.

This revolutionary software requires a Samsung Gear VR, a Smartphone, and the software to run on the phone to change the lives of people who have been suffering from low vision or visual impairment. Imagine the surrounding of a patient who has been living through this traumatic situation. In all that darkness, if a solution like this shows up which can solve this problem for hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Imagine the relief, happiness, and joy of the patients who could see, experience, and react to the world. After all this, it seems obvious that VR reality has a lot more to offer. Only time will unfold a lot more. We could see it coming, but it’s tough to predict what’s next.

The website of IrisVision explains everything about this software technology. It’s been designed with the assistance of country’s trusted eye clinic Johns Hopkins to develop a mobile software that makes up what an eye of the low vision patient is lacking.

Furthermore, the website helps the audience to understand that this technology does, who should use this, and how to get the access to the revolutionary tech gadget. 

How to Get IrisVision

The purpose of this revolutionary technology is to make it accessible to anyone who is suffering from low vision or visual impairment anywhere in the world. In order to do that, it’s important to make sure that it’s affordable and reachable for anyone, anywhere in the world. In fact, there is no point of creating a cure that becomes almost inaccessible to the people who need it the most. From pricing to delivering the product, it has all been taken care of just to make sure it reaches to the deserving patients as soon as possible.

The team behind IrisVision knows this very well, which is why they are dedicated to providing this solution in every part of the world. Although, the distribution network is being set up.

Visionize Global has set up their website for further consultation and help. Feel free to  Contact the IrisVision team, in case, you need to know further details or want to order.

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