Top 10 Ways You Can Lose Weight at Work Today

Creative Commons License photo credit: Spring Dew

One of the worst places for your waist line is the office. We binge. We snack. We stress eat. Here are the top 10 ways you can lose weight at work.

1. Get off the coffee
Coffee is not a weight gainer in itself but the sugar, cream and biscuits you have with it are. How many coffees do you have each day? How many sugars do you have in them? Coffee is a drug and it leads to addictive behaviors. It is bad for your weight.

2. Take the stairs
If you have some stairs at work you should use them. However, if you work in a high rise building do not feel like you have to take all of them. It would take way too long! Instead get off a floor or two early and dash up a few flights. Running up stairs is one of the best ways to burn calories. Perhaps after lunch would be a good time.

3. Sit on a fitness ball
A lot of places in Australia now sit on fitness balls instead of chairs at work as it is much better for your back and posture. The advantage of this is that you can also drop down and do a few crunches in your spare moments. Any calories you can burn during the day are a bonus.

4. Bring lunch from home
You don’t have to bring lunch from home everyday but the more often you do the more likely you are to eat healthy. Stuff brought from home (salad, sandwhich, soup, etc.) is a better alternative than going out to the local eatery. You will get more nutrients as well and as such have a more productive day.

5. Park the car further away
If you drive into work consider parking in a carpark that is about ten minutes walk from your office. A walk of this time would burn quite a few calories. It is good for waking you up as well if you start nice and early.

6. Ride a bike
Many top executives I know actually ride their bike into work on days they know they won’t have to leave the office. For example, if you have no meetings on Friday you can ride into the office and not worry about being anywhere in a hurry. The more often you do this the more weight you will burn. And it is exercise that is part of your daily routine in that it ges done while you do something else (go to work).

7. Snack on mixed nuts
The protein in nuts keeps you fuller for longer. It makes it a perfect snack. If you eat nuts you will be less likely to snack on sugar filled snacks like candy, soda and chocolate.

8. Drink green tea
Green tea has a lot of fat burning properties. It is very good for you and will stimulate your metabolism. If you need your caffeine fix it is also a much healthier option than coffee.

9. Eat more often
If you have one big meal at lunch and that is it your metabolism is bound to be very slow and sluggish. Try to eat more often; smaller portion sizes of course. This will keep your digestive system cranking which is actually one of the best ways to burn fat.

10. Don’t stress
If you stress too much you will end up snacking or not eating properly. All stressful situations can be dealt with so relax and take it easy!

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