Poll Results: How Many Coffees Do You Drink Per Day?

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Today is the last day of our poll on how many coffees readers of The Daily Mind drink per day. The results really surprised me. They were very different from what I had expected.

Take a look at a Pie Chart of the results:

Coffees per day Poll Results

The biggest section is the 2-3 cups per day which I think is pretty normal and to be expected. The next biggest slice of pie, however, is the NONE section meaning that 28.4% of readers drink no coffees at all. This really took me by surprise.

I wonder why all these people don’t drink coffee. Is it a health choice? I also wonder if readers of The Daily Mind are less likely to drink coffee because they seem to be interested in training their mind and coffee is seen as an obstacle to that? Who knows…

The next poll will be up later this week so make sure you come back and vote!

2 thoughts on “Poll Results: How Many Coffees Do You Drink Per Day?

  1. I’ve actually given up coffee for the most part. I used to drink 2 cups a day followed by a couple of sugar free energy drinks. Tried to stop for a few days and the headaches were driving me nuts so I switched to tea. Forgot how much I liked tea. Down to about 1 cup of coffee a weak now.

    Just writing this is making me want some coffee 🙁

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