Water for the Body and Soul: How to Drink More of It!

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We all spend a lot of time worrying about our spiritual condition, cooking up more and more convoluted rationalizations for why we feel terrible all the time. And there are a lot of interesting and useful answers to be found.

But even if you acknowledge that the body and the mind are connected and that activities such as yoga or walking can exercise the spirit as much as the muscles, you may be overlooking some of the simpler stuff that can make life nicer.

And there is little more simple than water. Sure, you contemplate water. But do you drink enough of the stuff? Our bodies are made of it. So if you sometimes feel your soul is withering away, it might be more accurate to state that it’s drying out!

Nine-tenths of your blood is water. Eight-tenths of your cartilage. Water lubricates your mouth, nose, and airways. Not drinking enough water can lead to stress, tiredness, headaches, and all sorts of bizarre symptoms. Add these to a general spiritual malaise, and what chance do you stand?

Of course, most people have an inkling that this is the case. But few realize just how much water you need to drink to work with it. It’s 2.7 liters for a woman. That’s around 11 glasses per day. And a bit more for a man.

Self-care rituals every woman will love

So when you’re regulating your life with admirable new routines and rituals, spare a thought for water. Try to figure it into the other things that you do regularly. A glass after you wake up. Two glasses after yoga. And offset that guilt feeling that comes with drinking coffee or alcohol by alternating each drink with a big healthy glass of water.

For a few more tips on how to sneak more water into your life, check out this new infographic from Pound Place. Let’s raise a glass to water and keep the spirit high!

how to drink more water

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