How to Deal With Anxiety – 4 Best Tips From Experts

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Anxiety might look like a common word but, many still do not know its exact meaning or how it feels. In anxiety, you feel like you are stuck or unsure or scared of some situations. No matter how much a person tries, anxiety often ruins the sleep as well peace of mind.

When the anxiety becomes an everyday trouble, you would need to know that how to deal with it. How to reduce this anxiety level? How to cure it and get back to the healthy anxiety-free routine? Anxiety can affect your quality life and thus, it is better to find robust solutions as soon as possible. Here are some trick and tips you can use to cope with anxiety:

1. Take a deep breath

Shallow or fast breathing is a common trait of anxiety. Often it leads to accelerated heartbeats, panic attacks or dizziness. That is why taking a deep breath is essential when you know you are feeling anxious. Breathing slowly and deeply is the first and most 3effective technique to reduce the level of anxiety.

As soon as you start taking deep breaths, the body activates its relaxation response. This process helps your body to fight the nervous system and lift up your mood. Once you restore your normal breathing pattern, your body feels relaxed, light because of reduced anxiety level.

2. Stay physically active

Exercise, gym, yoga or meditation, these activities are good for you physical, mental and emotional health. In proven cases, regular exercise, running or jogging have helped several people ease the anxiety. Believe it or not but, putting on physical stress can actually decrease mental or emotional stress.

Moreover, if you stay physically active, you can beat sleep deficiency that occurs due to anxiety. Your physical activities get you tired that ultimately helps you to fall asleep quickly. Improved sleep quality means lowered anxiety.

3. Know more about self-soothing

It is a skill not many know about. Imagine walking on a path down the forest. You might be just walking through the woods or out for some trekking; suddenly a giant black beer greets you in the middle of the path or your boss asks for a report he is supposed to ask next week. How do you feel?

These two are the casual moments of anxiety. You realize your heartbeat quickens, adrenalin triggered, and breathing gets shallower. This is actually psychological changes your nervous system causes automatically during such situations. Learn to stay calm and composed in such situations and see how you can take control of your mind that plays tricks with you. That’s how you learn about self-soothing, by knowing what you are exactly going through.

4. Ditch alcohol, smoking, and caffeine

These three things might make you feel relieved for a while but is never good if you are going through anxiety.

– Alcohol

Alcohol acts as a natural sedative. Without a doubt, a glass of wine, vodka, scotch or beer might calm you at first and it feels good. But, as soon as the buzz is over, anxiety returns like a counterattack. In such situation, if you rely on alcohol instead of finding the solution of the core problem, chances are you develop alcohol dependence.

– Smoking

Reaching out to a cigarette during stressful moment is common but, again, not a right choice. Just like alcohol, taking a drag might fix the problem for a few minutes. However, it can also worsen the anxiety over the period of time. A trustworthy research also says that the early you start smoking in your life, the higher the chances of risk you develop an anxiety order. Avoid smoking for your emotional and mental health.

– Caffeine

Caffeine is never good for anxiety and in most cases, it worsens the situation. Especially if you are going through chronic anxiety, caffeine cannot be your friend. It causes jittery feeling and nervousness and also causes panic attacks in people with panic disorder. Thus, instead of eliminating, caffeine might improve the symptoms of anxiety.

Reduction in anxiety is not something that happens instantly; it takes time and you have to be patient with it. Try above given tips and take enough sleep. If you are on medication, you can always visit to save on health & fitness. Do the things that you love to do and keep your mind busy with creative activities. Coping with anxiety is a bit difficult but, not impossible.

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