Essential Oils Can Help You Sleep Better

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There’s a lot of science backing up the claims about how essential oils can help you to sleep better. Which is great in a time where many people have trouble getting to sleep at night. While there are many different medications available on the market to help you get to sleep at night many of them come with lots of unwanted side effects.

One of the most common side effects that come with taking sleep-inducing medication is that if you don’t have nearly enough time, at least 8 hours, you can wake up feeling groggy and be unable to stay awake for your day. This side effect can snowball into you oversleeping and then being unable to get to sleep that night as well, making you dependent upon the medication to get a good night’s sleep.

The Best Essential Oils to Wake You Up in the Morning

Another complication of these medications is that they often can make it hard to wake up at a moment’s notice. For many people, this can be a problem, especially parents of infants and young children.

However, SleePare has luckily created this great infographic to give you a choice between 15 different essential oils to help you sleep. Each essential oils is backed by science so you know that they really will help you to get the sleep you’ve been longing for.

Some of the essential oils on this list are great for shift workers, like sweet marjoram which can help to naturally regulate your circadian rhythm (our internal body clock that controls when you sleep). Being able to use sweet marjoram essential oils in aromatherapy to help restore your ability to sleep when you want is essential to our Nurses and other shift working men and women who desperately need the ability to get good sleep. 

Essential oils are perfect for people wary of taking lots of medication. They do not have to be ingested (in fact you should never take essential oils orally). You can use them in a diffuser that will help to make the home smell better in addition to lulling you to sleep. Additionally, there are many soaps, lotions, creams, and candles on the market infused with essential oils making it even easier to use them in your daily life and help you to sleep better.

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