How Companies Are Going Green and Becoming More Ethical

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Over the last decade, large corporations have shown that social responsibility goes beyond the usual waste segregation and annual tree-planting activities for employees. Eco-friendly practices and sustainable development only show results if they are ongoing and continuous, and they are not sporadic acts that last a few days or weeks at best. 


The universal corporate attitude used to be “profit at all costs.” But reversal came about when the clamor from organizations and scientists to stop the destruction of the planet became too noisy. It didn’t help that the consumers became increasingly aware of the relationship between toxicity and climate change, and environment conservation became a trend that refused to die down. Modern-day CEOs also seem to be a more caring bunch, thinking forward and taking action to make the world a safe place for all living things.

Companies understand that being eco-friendly reaps many benefits. It saves the earth’s resources for future generations. It generates savings for the company by reducing usage of energy and water, such as what solar lightings and processed water treatment can do. It boosts the company’s image and attracts retainable customers, advancing the success of the business.

Three ways for companies to go green and become more ethical:

Saving Energy

The use of solar energy as an alternative source of power is gaining ground in the industrial setting. It prevents the formation of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and reduces smog, acid rain and other kinds of pollution.

Another form of energy savings is by replacing old machinery and equipment that eat up a lot of power. New appliances and machinery are now made with reduced energy consumption in mind.  Manufacturers use revolutionary technological advances like the UET reactor to achieve this goal. The technology had its beginnings in the 1990s and now is used by most big companies to decrease its energy usage. Reported savings have reached 40 percent and if every large-scale production facility or plant adopted such methods, energy consumption would be greatly reduced.

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Saving Water

Water, unquestionably, is the source of life and this is backed by scientific evidence. But its resources are depleting because of inefficient use by industries, climate change causing droughts, deforestation and other man-made or natural occurrences. Corporations and organizations are increasingly recognizing this, and taking extensive measures to conserve this necessity and prevent its looming scarcity.

The big players like Coca-cola, Samsung and Siemens, to name a few, are integrating technology that can limit a substantial quantity of water consumption. Companies like Dynamic Water Technologies are transforming the ways that water can be treated while conserving energy. By using cutting edge processes, these companies treat water problems using green technology that gives their clients economic advantages while protecting the environment.

Chemical-free Water Processing

The traditional way to process cooling tower and chiller water involved the use of chemicals. They remove the contaminants and minerals that cause scaling but at the same time, they release harmful elements into the water. Technology has made it possible for chemical-free water processing treatment for industries like power plants, data centers and large-scale facilities like malls and airports. The UET was developed to restore equilibrium to pH levels with the use of natural reactors instead of toxic chemicals.

The threat of water scarcity is very real. Drinking water must be safe to ensure the maintenance of health and prevention of diseases caused by dirty water. Companies have the responsibility to use eco-friendly and green practices for sustainable development.

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