How to Save Your Back When Lifting Heavy Objects

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Back injuries are something that many, many people deal with. 80% of people, to be precise. Many of those people, unfortunately, initiate or exacerbate the pain by using improper techniques when lifting heavy objects.

The good news is that many of these injuries can be avoided by employing the proper methods. For example, if you’re moving you may be packing boxes. Try to pack more, smaller boxes than larger, heavier ones. If you’re moving furniture, disassemble it so that the pieces are easier to move.

Always make sure your pathway is clear and that there is nothing you could possibly trip on. There’s no faster way to get an injury than tripping and falling while carrying something heavy.

Be sure to stretch your muscles prior to any serious heavy lifting and then use proper lifting techniques to prevent injury. Simply Self Storage recently put together an infographic that details the best ways to lift heavy objects.

back pain relief


back pain relief

Included are several yoga poses like the cat, cow, and cobra pose that are known to ease back pain if it does happen. If you use the techniques outlined here you are less likely to end up injured or have an old injury flare up. If it does, follow the stretches for back pain relief!

yoga poses back pain relief


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