Art and Mental Health

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There’s no denying that art can enhance the ambiance of a room or add a pop of color to your decor, but did you know that art has a significant impact on your mental wellbeing as well? That’s right! Whether you embark on the journey of creating a work of art or you simply take a trip to the local museum, the benefits of art are endless.

For instance, children who visited an art museum experienced a 9-18% increase in critical thinking skills, simply by viewing the craft. On a similar note, when people look at art, their brains release dopamine, triggering a response of love and pleasure, making them happier!

As mentioned, these aren’t the only benefits of art. For those that enjoy the physical act of creating art, there are tons of perks to this as well. Participating in complex activities creates new connections between brain cells, leading to an increase in psychological resilience.

It can even be used as a form of therapy. Art therapy has gained a lot of traction and is a big factor in easing the difficulty of health conditions. It can help patients forget about their illnesses and focus on positive emotions, while also lowering the stress hormone cortisol.

So, whether you prefer perusing through art, strolling through a museum, or picking up the brushes, art has tremendously positive impacts on our mind, body, and soul. Check out the below infographics to learn more about the connection between art and mental health.

Benefits of viewing art

art and mental health

Benefits of creating art

art and mental health benefits


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