20 Ways to Boost Your Energy at Work

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Have you ever experienced that post-lunch energy dip? For a lot of people, this is a daily struggle. Although some of us may be able to steal away from an hour mid-day for a nap, most 9-5 workers have to find creative ways to boost energy throughout the day. The go-to solution is usually coffee or some kind of sugary soda/energy drink.
However, there are many natural ways to boost your energy throughout the day that have been proven by science.

GetVoIP has outlined them in their infographic on boosting energy, but here are some of the main takeaways:

If you are the showering type, try to start off with a cold shower. This can actually boost dopamine production, which helps boost your energy.

As far as breakfast goes, start the day with a breakfast that is high in protein like eggs. You can also wash it down with a glass of lemon-aid because science has proven that drinking lemon-aid can boost your metabolism levels by 30%. (Lemon-aid also has massive amounts of potassium, which is a natural energy booster.) Avoid coffee until two hours after you wake up, otherwise, it will mess with your body’s natural internal clock. If you really need caffeine to survive, green tea is a great, healthy alternative.

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Nothing sucks energy from you like being dehydrated. Not drinking enough water is the number one cause of low energy and is especially important if you are drinking lots of coffee.

Some of the most surprising ones included:

  • Looking at pictures of cute animals helps productivity.
  • Listening to your favorite songs can trigger a rush of dopamine.
  • Laughter can improve energy levels!

You can see the rest in the full infographic below.

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