How to Stay Awake at Work Without Sleep

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It happens to all of us. For whatever reason, we stay up all night – or most of it. However, most of the time, there’s no going around the fact that we have to go to work in the morning. In cases like these, what are you to do?

11 Best Ways to Wake Up in the Morning and Hit the Ground Running

You just go to the office anyway and hope that you get some work done or that your boss doesn’t catch you snoring your face off.

You can always load up on the coffee or energy drinks, but if you want to go the healthy route, here are ways to stay awake at work without sleep. They’re simple but effective.

Stay awake at work without sleep by doing the following

Move like Jagger

rolling stones mick jagger

Get your heart pumping – that’s the number one advice experts give to people who need to stay awake. The difference lies in the execution.

How can you get your blood flowing?

The most common way is to get up and take a walk outside, go up and down the stairs, or walk around the office. However, if you’ve got a room where you can dance your heart away and that’s your thing, then go ahead! There are all sorts of physical activities you can do in 10-15 minutes that will wake you up at work.

Channel the cat in you

stay awake at work without sleep

If you don’t like moving vigorously, then stretch like a cat. Stretching may be a gentle exercise, but it will wake you up. You can start with giving your body a good stretch like when you wake up in the morning then you can go ahead and limber up by bending down to reach your toes. Roll your head/neck, swing your arms, do lunges.

If you do yoga, then a quick 15-minute yoga fix will wake you up as well.

Take your own version of the Ice Bucket Challenge

You don’t have to dump a bucket of ice over your head – obviously, that’s not the smartest idea – but splash cold water all over your face. If that doesn’t work, do it again.

Let the music play

frog headphones

Have a set of high-quality headphones handy. Listening to the right music can wake you up. Here comes the science. Last year, music psychologist David M. Greenberg of the University of Cambridge and City University of New York released a 20-track playlist of some of the most effective music to help people wake up in the morning. He did this in collaboration with Spotify.

Where’s the science?

Stages of sleep, driving beats, and positive lyrics come into play, but to make a long story short, Greenberg says “it’s more about bringing you through multiple stages from that tiredness to being more alert and then getting the energy from there”.

Here’s the playlist. See how it works.

Light things up

The body reacts to light – whether sunlight or artificial. Need to wake up at work? Open the blinds. Go out and feel the warmth of the sun. If there’s no sun, turn on all your lights.

How do you stay awake at work when you’ve had little or no sleep the night before?

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