5 Steps to Develop a Creative Mind

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The creative mind sees endless possibilities from information and ideas, and turns them into forms of expressions, innovative products and ingenious solutions to problems and difficulties. If this has discouraged you and made you think you can never be creative, think again.

A creative mind is not a birthright of the likes of Elon Musk or Bill Gates. You don’t have to aspire to build the next space rocket or another giant software company. In your everyday life, at work and in your personal pursuits, creativity can be developed. Continue reading and learn how.

5 Steps to a More Creative Mind

Take a break for solitude and silence.


In the midst of a busy world, creative people retreat into aloneness and silence. Twenty minutes a day of stillness and quiet allows you to focus on your thoughts and find peace in the interiority of your mind.

Stop thinking and let go of thoughts of the past and the future.   Disconnect from everyone and everything, physically and mentally – your own family, your cell phone, the internet and social media. This time of solitude you give yourself daily is very rewarding. It will enhance your mindfulness, increase mental clarity and reduce stress and anxiety. By being more focused, you find a well of creativity within you.

Be open to anything new.

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Opening yourself up to new ideas, experiences, emotions and perspectives is risking the safety and comfort of the status quo. But creative minds welcome the adventure of novelty and draw inspiration from them for their creative output. Throw away your fear, break out of your routine once in a while and try new things, from a different route to work, reading biographies or listening to classical music to alternative solutions or forms of expressions.  Learn a different culture through armchair travel. Try an artistic technique you haven’t done before.

Stay curious always.



Be curious of the world around you. Ask questions; you might find out something new and surprising that you wouldn’t have known if you hadn’t asked. Look for better ways of doing things and challenge the norm. Talk to people and listen to their perspectives on various issues. Curiosity is a learning experience. It boosts your intellect and broadens your outlook, resulting in a more creative end product.

Turn failures into stepping stones for success.


Failures cannot break the spirit of the creative mind. They see them as temporary interruptions on the road to creative achievement. If you’ve had a negative experience, like a rejection of your work or a betrayal of trust, analyze where you went wrong and don’t give up. Many great artists, writers and tech people have been rebuffed and turned away. Steve Jobs was booted out of his own company but made an unforgettable comeback.

Learn from your failures or mistakes. Draw insights and renewed strength from them and see possibilities in a new light. Mine your dormant creativity from your failures and watch your projects succeed.

Write down your own and others’ ideas and thoughts.


This is nothing new. But it has always held true. We cannot rely on our minds to remember everything. Put to pen and paper, or on your electronic gadget, anything you find interesting that comes to your mind. They could be reflections or points of views that crop up as you go about your daily activities, or the thoughts and ideas of others that you find interesting. Include the silly and the ridiculous; when you go over them later, they may make sense after all.

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