10 Ways to Remember Loved Ones Who’ve Passed Away

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Easter is a Christian tradition celebrating the rising of Jesus Christ from the grave, and while this is still the core of the commemoration by many churches worldwide, the holiday has spread out to other festivities. Easter egg hunt, anyone?

It has also become a time for families to get together, much like other major holidays. And, usually, this is the time when loved ones who have passed away are missed most.

While my family isn’t doing anything this Easter weekend, I can’t help but feel that void that my mom has left. Also, it’s only been less than two years since she passed, but sometimes, I feel like I’m forgetting bits and pieces. And that scares me.

Poems to Help with Grief and Loss

That’s why when I was shown this graphic, I decided I’ll share it today. I am sure I am not alone in feeling that my memory is failing me, and even if you’re not experiencing this at the moment, I think you’ll find the tips/methods interesting.

Here are ways to remember loved ones who have passed away.

  1. Mark their death anniversaries and birthdays. In some cultures, death anniversaries are usually “celebrated” by the family doing something together. Some people offer a mass. What you do isn’t as important as actually doing it.
  2. Dedicate a candle holder for them. Again, some people do this regularly. I think it’s not practical to have a candle burning 24/7, though, so an alternative would be to light it whenever you think of your loved one(s).
  3. Let loose a balloon on a special occasion, such as their death anniversary. It’s such a simple thing, but it can be a symbol of letting go of grief.
  4. Plant a tree. Not only does this symbolize new life, it also gives you – and generations to come – remember loved ones who’ve passed.
  5. Collage therapy. This has been known to help cope with grief.
  6. Frame a cherished moment or legacy.
  7. Engrave their name. This is common practice on tombstones, but you can also have symbolic ones placed in your garden.
  8. Craft a keepsake.
  9. Keep an accessory to wear. Just the other day, I wore my mom’s pearl necklace to a family event. I tell you, it felt good.
  10. Cremation jewelry. This may sound creepy to some, but it’s one way of carrying your memories with you.

Here is the infographic with more details on how to remember your loved ones.

remember loved ones infographic

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