3 Things People Fear Most

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Let’s face it – almost everyone has fears they wish they could conquer. Even the most successful people harbor some form of concern or anxiety even if they won’t admit it to themselves or to others. But facing your own fears could be one of the best and bravest things you can do for yourself. How else to find ways to overcome them if you won’t even admit they exist.

Grownups in particular are loathe to acknowledge their fears for fear of (no pun intended) being seen as weak. Here are three things people fear that are universal to all adults. Don’t be scared to see yourself having them, too. Now you know you’re not alone and hopefully, you can do something about them.


No. 1: Fear of getting old

Whether we like it or not, women are more afraid of getting old than men. If you’re female and looking at yourself in the mirror, you may wonder how you’ll look 10 or 20 years later. Will you be wrinkled and have graying hair? The natural course of time guarantees it but living a healthy lifestyle – eating well, being physically active and having a positive outlook – will keep you in great shape even at an old age. Add to that the wisdom gained from experiences and growing older doesn’t seem like such a bad thing anymore.

For some, plastic surgery is an option to stopping the years from showing. It’s a personal choice but looking too young for one’s age may also appear unnatural.


No 2: Fear of being lonely

Feeling lonely is different from being alone. It is also one of the common things people fear. Some people are alone by choice but most would rather have a partner to share their lives with. Man by nature is a social being; hence the need for company. But being lonely by force is not anymore an excuse not to meet people online. The internet has made a lot of things possible that were not heard of before.

These days, a lot of singles are online day and night. They are people like you also looking for someone to meet and talk to. It’s so simple. Look for the top dating site where lots of singles converge and find someone there.



No 3: Fear of change

When people reach a certain age, say 30, they may prefer constancy rather than venture into the unknown. Stability is a comfortable position to be in. It can also be very boring. But life can play tricks on us and things may happen that put you in a situation where you have to make a choice between dull predictability and excitement. Don’t be afraid to go for unexplored territory. Don’t spend the rest of your life telling yourself “what if…” Who knows what awaits you there. Take that leap of faith.

Here’s hoping you’ve been shaken out of your dreary comfort zone and are willing to try something new. Life is too short not to take a chance.


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