10 Things to Do Before You Unleash Your Anger to the World

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Anger is a very dangerous thing. When you’re angry, you make the whole world know about it through actions. By expressing your anger, you are able to act upon this negative emotion, thus ridding yourself from bad feelings in the process.

On the downside, the consequences of your actions while you’re angry may cause irreparable damage to yourself and your relationship with others.

It is so easy to do something rash and illogical when you’re angry because you may use it as an excuse to explain your actions, allowing you to recompense people you have done wrong. However, anger is never an excuse. You have the ability to manage and defuse your anger. Instead, you decided to act upon it without thinking of the harm you’re doing. By the time you realize this, it might be too late to ask for forgiveness and make amends.

Therefore, before letting anger take hold of you, restrain yourself from doing anything until you’ve done the following first:

1. Get out from the place that’s making you angry

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If you’re with company or in an environment that triggered your anger, find a way to excuse yourself politely from the situation and retreat to a place where you can find comfort and peace of mind.

2. Calm yourself down


Focusing on taking deep breaths work best to help you compose yourself. Another method to soothe yourself is to count from one to 10 and back. If you want to do other ways on to get your act together, read “Angry? Tips to Calm Down on the Spot.”

3. Identify the source of anger


Trace back to the events that led to you getting angry. Rationalize how these instances made you angry. From here, you can also determine if your anger has been misplaced because you simply misunderstood something.

4. Come up with a solution


Once you have determined the cause of your anger, it’s time to find a reasonable way of acting upon it. Putting your thinking caps on during these times places back logic in the driver’s seat and your emotions in the back burner. This way, it allows you to clear your head and make rational decisions from this point on.

5. Talk to someone


If you can’t find a solution to your anger, find someone that you trust and talk your feelings and thoughts over with them. Since they have a much better perspective of the entire situation – once you’ve walked them through it – they can provide you with more actionable ways of addressing your situation.

6. Create a platform to discuss your anger

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Confront the issue that is causing you to be angry. If it’s a person, find a way to create dialogue and talk about how he or she has done you wrong. If it’s an event, articulate your emotions in your journal or blog.

7. Make your anger exclusive to yourself


When talking to someone who has caused your anger, address your negative emotions by starting every sentence with, “I feel…” This way, you don’t make the person feel like you’re attacking them.

8. Keep cool!


It is possible that dealing with the situation head on can fuel your anger even more, especially if the situation escalates. If you feel you are on the verge of losing it, don’t. If necessary, repeat the first tip of this list and start all over again.

9. Forgive


Once your anger issues have been resolved, find in your heart to not only forgive the cause of your anger, but also yourself for almost letting your emotion get the best of you.

10. Be happy!


Move on from anger and onto greater things. Focus on your dreams and aspirations, as well as doing the things you love for the people you care about. More important, keep a positive disposition at all times so you can move on from your anger much easier.

Once you’ve done everything above, you can guarantee that your anger has dissipated and the only thing you’ll unleash is goodwill and great joy to all!

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