Why (Almost) Every House Should Have a Pet

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Last week the Daily Minder house got a tiny new addition (pictured above). His name is Cino (pron. Chino) and he is an eight week old Ragdoll kitten with bright blue eyes.

Having him run around my feet while I cook dinner and attack my fingers while I clack away at the keyboard has been a true joy and it got me thinking about the value of having pets in your life.

In this post I want to tell you why I think almost every household should have some kind of pet.

The value of growing up with pets

I have always had pets in my life. Growing up I had an Old English Sheep Dog called Ralph that used to let me ride on his back. I had a fat old cat called Smudge that couldn’t stand to be away from human contact. I had a bunch of fish, a turtle and even some frogs! Now I have a two year old Beagle that has taken me close to the edge of insanity and the brand new Cino who I am just getting to know.

So what is the value of having these little creatures in your life? Do they do anything but add to your grocery bills, tear up your furniture and leave hair all over your carpets?

They sure do.

A pet is a great source of company. If you spend a lot of time by yourself a pet can be a wonderful addition to your home. Most pets will love you unconditionally and it is a great feeling knowing that there is something in your house you can spend time with if you need to.

One of the best reasons to have pets in your house is because they teach you compassion. If I ever have children I will always make sure they grow up around animals because they are a fantastic way to help them understand that other beings have feelings that need to be considered and respected.

When you have a pet you can’t just head off for the night or go on a weekend getaway. They need to be fed, given fresh water and so on. Having a pet in your life will teach you responsibility better than almost anything else because it is more than a normal responsibility – it is a living creature.

I have done more laughing in this past week than I have done in the whole of last year. The kitten is hilarious – jumping around, climbing on things, sleeping on his head, etc. Laugher is something that shouldn’t be missing from anyone’s life and a loving pet is one of the best ways to get it.

So who shouldn’t have a pet?

In the title of this post I said that ALMOST everyone should have a pet. So who are the people that shouldn’t have a pet? Well, they are the people who aren’t in it for the long term or who are constantly lazy when it comes to others needs. Don’t buy a pet on a whim or as a present for someone. It is the same as buying a house or an investment – you need to carefully consider how you are going to pay for and look after that purchase.

Any of our readers have a pet? Is this a cat or a dog readership?

9 thoughts on “Why (Almost) Every House Should Have a Pet

  1. I have three cats. I would say that pets are great for all reasons listed above, and that anyone who wants a pet should research them first (care tips, lifespan, etc.) and make sure they are ready for the commitment. It’s not about just their initial cost and food, but vet bills, boarding if you travel and have no one else to care for them. It’s also about time – you or someone in the household should have enough time to give them a little TLC that they need. 🙂

  2. i’ve only had dogs until now (last one was given away 7 years ago), but i consider myself definitely a cat person. dogs are lovely, i just tune in to cats more. i’d love to have both, though.

  3. My dog just died a few weeks ago, and with every day that passes, I am realizing more and more how much she meant to me and how much a part of my life she was. I definitely agree with the aforementioned perks of having a pet…especially the compassionate part. I wasn’t feeling well the other day, and I really missed having my dog curl up beside me and keep me company. She always knew just when I needed some comfort, whether I was feeling sad or sick or just lonely.

  4. Hi Anna.

    I am so sorry to hear about your dog. Our cat of 18 years died recently as well and I know how damn tough it is.

    Pets really are wonderful parts of our life.

    Thanks for leaving a comment – I hope you are your family feel happier soon.


  5. I completely agree with this and I can’t tell you how much comfort my animals have brought to my life. I have two cats, a dog, two fish and two frogs, currently. Yes, they are a lot of responsibility. Seems as if I am forever changing cat litter or cleaning up dog poop – but I love them. Each of them. Very worth it. They make me laugh, and they make me cry, but above all they are my friends. Over the years I have gained huge appreciation for them and all walks of life in general Even the ones where you can’t find their purpose; like slugs. I have grown very fond of slugs, knowing we are ALL here for a reason.

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