What Questions Would You Ask Sarah Palin?

Last night my best buddy and I stayed up until 2am watching different videos about Sarah Palin. I guess we were trying to find some answers to this whole saga – perhaps it is a joke after all!

Sadly, we didn’t find any answers.

Sarah Palin is not a big Republican office prank.

She is potentially the next Vice President of the most powerful country to have ever existed.

Are you sure its not a joke? I still can’t quite believe it.

I saw this video of Matt Damon talking about Sarah Palin. He is quite scared about it all. And to be honest, so am I. There is a supposed 1 in 3 chance that Mccain will die in his first term and Sarah will be President of the United States. Wow!

Matt has some pretty interesting questions that he’d like to ask Sarah Palin so it got me thinking about what I would ask her if I got the chance.

So let’s open up the floor for the weekend: what questions would you ask Sarah Palin if you had the chance knowing that there is a possibility that she could be the next President of the US of A?

17 thoughts on “What Questions Would You Ask Sarah Palin?

  1. nothing, but to Jason Bourne in reference to Palin:
    “This is not a drill soldier. We clear on that?
    This is a live project. You’re a go.”

  2. Who’s to say the Palin wouldn’t be an effective President? We all have misgivings and doubts about any of those running for elected office (whether that’s McCain, Obama, Biden, etc…). Heck, even Californians elected Arnold Schwarzenegger as there Governer, not once, but twice..

    But, the fact of the matter is that the proof is in the performance and she’s seems to have done a better than average job in her role as mayor and governor; and better than average is allot more than we can say about most elected politicians.

    Personally, she doesn’t scare me, I believe we are entitled to our beliefs (as that’s what they are: our beliefs), but the divisiveness noted (with definite cynicism added for good affect) by Matt Damon is quite disappointing.

    We all have the ability to perform to the highest levels and when presented with that opportunity most of us do. I truly believe that at its heart all man/woman kind rises to the occasion and if called upon Palin would as well.

  3. funkright – I agree with you in some respects but not in others.

    The fact of the matter is that someone unqualified should not be presented with this opportunity. Sure, she might rise to the occasion. So might a 16 year old at running a multinational corporation. But, as my good friend stated:

    “you wouldn’t put her (or someone equally unqualified) in charge of BHP Billiton or some large firm so why would you risk it with the biggest country in the world?”

    What I get a little tired of is people defending this decision because they are Republicans and they want to back up their party’s choice.

    Anyway, like you said, that is just my beliefs talking. But I truly believe voting for these people would be a massive mistake.

  4. The thing I find interesting about this whole debate that seems to be swirling around Gov. Palin.. is that she was CLEARLY not the most qualified person, nor Macca’s first preference for the VP spot (Leiberman?).

    More she was the person chosen who fit a short-term agenda, both in terms of the attack and destabilize aspect of the campaign, and also in terms of shoring up the conservative (pentecostal) christian base.

    It is pure cynicism, and it is dumbed down politics. And it is going to fail, and fail in a LANDSLIDE.

    You going to get to feel the way we Aussies felt after the last election. Like we were not just a bunch of Jerry Springer watching fucksticks, with our head up George Bush’s ass.

    You are going to get to feel decent again. Like you actually live in a civilized country, with the sort of people running it that should be in those jobs. Smart people. People you can actually be proud of.. what is George W’s approval rating at the moment anyway? Less than the percentage of registered Republicans? Does that tell you something? Can anybody spell.. LANDSLIDE.

  5. “The fact of the matter is that someone unqualified should not be presented with this opportunity…” could be used to paint Obama with the same brush. He’s never managed a town, city, or state and now the American people are supposed to trust that he can manage a country?

    The American people are left in a quandary, the VP on the Democratic side is more qualified than their Presidential nominee & the VP on the Republican side isn’t as qualified as the fallback on the Democratic ticket…

    What you really want is someone like John McCain (his record and life accomplishments) combined with the vitality and charisma of Obama.. though the last guy who had big government experience running a state, leadership abilities, and charisma couldn’t be trusted to be faithful in his marital relationship.. So, we are always left with a compromise of sorts.

    Relative ideologies aside (and I am a social democrat/capitalist) I would choice the primary leader first.

    A McCain/Obama ticket would have been the best bet, but in the US system that never would occur, thou a republic doesn’t allow for this, but the parliamentary system would have (say a minority government where positions were brokered or shared amongst the most popular parties), but then that system has its own challenges (we have that in Canada).

    I wish the Americans the best of luck, either way it will all work out in the end, as we aren’t all so different after all.

  6. I would trust Governor Palin as vice-president and president over Barack Obama. She has much more executive experience and besides, I still don’t trust Barack Hussein Obama. He lies constantly about all his questionable business associates, and there is no possible way that he sat in that church for 20 years and didn’t hear that preacher spout hate against all Ameericans. Obama has a hidden agenda that will come to light if he is elected. By the way the blog on the worrying thing was very good.

  7. I would agree with Jim on the worrying article, it is a good one..

    Though this thread really isn’t indicative of what I come to this site for (it actually is anything but relaxing or growth orientated).

    Palin isn’t the anti-christ and Obama isn’t a Muslim war-mongerer..

    I truly believe they will both do their best when presented with challenging situations; using any and all available wisdom around them to make effective and positive choices when called upon.

    Their way may not be my way,
    but it doesn’t make my way better,
    nor their way better,
    we just chose different paths.

  8. Hey funkright my man.

    As much as I want to argue with you guys on this topic (I think Palin would be a devastating choice) you are right about what you said about this blog.

    Probably not the place for it! 😉


  9. Actually I wasn’t that serious. I was doing the Stunbleupon thing and found your site. My intention was to leave a comment about how much I liked the worrying article, then I saw the Palin thing and feeling a little combative I decided to go off a little. I like your site I’m adding it to my reader.

  10. Matt Damon is an elitist, spoiled little liberal pecker head. And it’s no wonder why CBS would even give the little elf any press, because they are elitist, spoiled liberal pecker heads as well.
    Hollywood and the press DOES NOT represent the people of this country, and come election time, these idiots will see for themselves who’s REALLY in charge.

  11. With out Hollywood Kev, you wouldn’t have much of an economy.. hell, the profits from films probably help fund the war on terrorrrrrrr… so don’t rule them out, everyone is entitled to their voice and most importantly, their vote.

    From a concerning neighbour, way down under…

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