Want More Regular Updates? Follow Me on Twitter.

I just wanted to write a quick post to acknowledge all the emails I have received over the last two weeks asking me to update more regularly.

I am deeply sorry for not writing more often and, to be honest, feel dreadful that the blog has slowed down to a measly two posts per week. Life (and work!) has got the better of me and I am struggling to keep my eyes open past 5pm at night.

But there is some good news. I am now on Twitter. This is yet another social media service that allows people to post updates every few seconds. If you would like to know what I am up to during the day or any thoughts I am having then it might be a good idea to follow me on Twitter. I have seen some really good conversations taking place on Twitter and thought it might be a good place to catch up with all my friends from The Daily Mind.

Lastly, I am going to try really hard to write more posts in 2009. I have a few really great ideas up my sleeve and hopefully you will see some really good stuff on here soon. Please make sure you are subscribed so you don’t miss anything.

One thought on “Want More Regular Updates? Follow Me on Twitter.

  1. Ever the question for the blogger. I like writing daily but then I wonder if it overwhelms my readers. Still the delete button but one fingertip away. What feels good for you? In some senses you will never please all of your readers all of the time so why not please yourself. If you are writing in way that you enjoy then you will be happy with that all of the time! cheers.

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