New ‘Nested Comments’ Software at The Daily Mind

I just want to draw your attention to the new “nested comments” software that I have installed on The Daily Mind. I am really excited about it!

What does it do?
What this does is allows comments to be more conversational by nesting replies to comments. So, if you ask me a question in the comments I can click “reply to this comment” and my answer will appear immediately under your question instead of half way down the page. If I don’t want to reply to any particular comment but still want to leave one I just fill out the form in the normal way and my comment will appear separately.

Why did I install it?
The reason I installed this is because we have such a great community of people on The Daily Mind and some of the comments you leave are pure gold. This way we will be able to have better discussions by replying to individual comments – you won’t have to scroll through all the comments to see if anyone has replied.

We have Avatars!
I can now see your face on The Daily Mind! This software has avatars like in a forum which means we will be able to see what you look like and get to know you better. I am really excited about this.

All you need to do to get a photo on your comments is go to and sign up for an account. Make sure you use the same email you use for your comments – that’s how they link your photo and comment together! It is well worth doing this because more and more blogs are using avatars.

Other features of the new comments software
There are some neat features that you can now take advantage of to have a better discussion experience at The Daily Mind:

  • Comment RSS
    You can now subscribe to an individual discussion on The Daily Mind using RSS. This means that all replies to your comment will appear in your RSS reader so you don’t need to keep checking back.
  • Email notifications
    In the same vein as the RSS, you can opt to have any replies come to your inbox so you don’t miss out on the action. This is great if you don’t have time to sit around and wait for me to answer.

There are still a few bugs to fix. The font size is way to small and your names aren’t big enough. Other than that I think we are going to have some fun with this thing! Leave a comment and test it out! I’m dying to try it!

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