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We could all use an uplifting story anytime. Whether we’re in the dumps or we’re doing fine, an inspiring story will add some positivity into our day.

That’s what today’s post brings you: inspiring stories to read.

You don’t have to read them all now, but I am sure that even weeks or months down the road, these inspiring stories will still matter.

“My philosophy for a happy life”: the inspirational story of Sam Berns

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This is the story of Sam Berns, a man who was born with progeria, a disease of rapid premature aging that only about 250 children worldwide are known to have. But that doesn’t stop him from appreciating everything that life has to offer. Read the whole story here.

Terminally Ill Man Raised $750,000 For Daughter With Cancer Before He Died

The topic of cancer hits too close to home, so I don’t usually read stories about it. This one, though, is something that will squeeze your heart, make you cry, but also make you believe in the good in people and appreciate your loved ones. Read the whole story here.

Stranger’s Act of Kindness Towards New Mom on Plane with Crying Baby

Sometimes, a small, seemingly insignificant act can make the biggest impact on another person’s life. This stranger on a plane did an act of kindness to a new mom, and the news spread like wildfire. Read this as a reminder of small acts of kindness.

The power of kindness

The Old Spike Roastery: The London coffee roasting company providing housing and an income to the homeless

Another inspiring story about kindness:

The Old Spike Roastery in south-east London is proof that social entrepreneurship can change lives.

The coffee-roasting company based in Peckham Rye provides both housing and a living wage to homeless people. But according to its co-founder Cemal Ezel, the business’s relationship with its staff is truly symbiotic.

Read the whole story here.

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