How to Have a Sustainable Holiday Season

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The holidays are a joyful time of year. We all have different traditions and ways we celebrate. Unfortunately, some of these habits are creating unnecessary waste. Stanford University reports that 25% more trash is thrown away during the holiday season the spans from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day. 

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This waste includes everything from uneaten food to plastic ornaments to gifting items that end up in a landfill. This year, reframe your traditions so that they include sustainable best practices. 

Having a sustainable holiday season can be done many ways. You can choose more natural decor such as using pinecones, branches and oranges. Do a little research to find out where you can recycle your Christmas tree rather than leaving it for the landfill. Work to reduce your food waste by mindfully meal prepping when hosting a holiday meal. 

When giving gifts, try to give more intentionally. Consider what experiences your friends and family would enjoy. Give tickets, memberships or annual park passes rather than cheap plastic products. 

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Use wrapping paper alternatives when wrapping gifts. This could mean learning the furoshiki wrapping method that uses cloth to wrap presents. You could also use newspaper or recycled paper to cover the gift. Do you have a bunch of paper bags saved up from the grocery store? Use them to wrap your gifts. You can even paint designs on the outside or write a personal note. 

Last but not least, bring this sustainable mindset with your into the new year. Are you someone who makes resolutions? Try making a green resolution that will leave a positive impact on your environment. This could be reducing your waste by bringing a reusable bad to the grocery store or investing in eco-friendly clothing and makeup while steering clear of fast fashion. 

There are many little choices you can make this holiday season that will make a big difference. For more ideas on how to reduce waste ApartmentGuide has a guide for how to have a sustainable holiday season

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