How the Internet Can Help You With Your Daily Prayer for Today

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There are days when life just seems to get to you. Suddenly, waking up in the morning isn’t as easy as you think. Your body feels heavy. You feel exhausted – as if you’re done with everything and everyone. All of a sudden, nothing feels good anymore. The things that used to get you so excited now seem like a pain to deal with. It feels like you just want to shut down.

But you shouldn’t. You should never.    

Days like that will come and go. Sometimes, they’d extend their stay. Other times, they’d go away as swiftly as they come. Bur because they are so random, that’s all the more reason why you should never let this kind of days get to you. Why? Let me tell you one simple reason: 

Your God is greater than everything and that makes you invincible.

That’s right. No matter how tough life gets or how sad or confusing, you should never ever lose hope. Better days will come and your life will play out according to His plan. There are days that will make you feel that your path is going astray but trust Him (read more). He puts you right where you need to be. Whatever you’re experiencing now, whatever pains and sorrows you are feeling, it is all part of His greater plan. You just have to trust in His promises. 

“But what are these promises? How can I gamble my faith on something I can’t see?” 

That’s the thing, you see. Faith is a gamble. It’s the ultimate gamble. You have to bet that something will work out even if you can’t see it, even if you can’t feel it. When you finally learn how to give up and offer everything to Him, you will begin to feel lighter. Hope will fill your soul once more. It would be as if you can conquer everything.     

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But I get it. We all need a little inspiration sometimes. It’s just hard to keep on going when everything is starting to blur. It’s easy to lose sight of things. But you know what? It’s just as easy to regain sight of them. All you need is a little something that will act as your constant reminder. Thankfully, you can already get such a thing right on your mobile phone.

Yes, we now have mobile applications and websites that can help you get a dose of divine inspiration each and every day. Through these online platforms, you can easily get the help you need whenever and wherever. 

Here are a couple more reasons why you should use the internet to help you with your daily prayer: 

Good Help Is Always Within Reach – Literally 

When sad days come and you don’t know what else to do, it’s always reassuring to have something that can help you pick yourself right up. Having an app or an online program that can help you during these times of weakness will definitely come in handy. Whenever you receive bad news or witness a sad event and you feel very affected by it, saying a prayer for today always helps you feel better.     

Feel Braver During Tough Times

When the going gets rough, the tough gets going. But that isn’t always the case, right? There will be times when you’ll fail to summon the “tough” because the situation is just so unbearable. It is also during these times that we need something to draw strength from – or in this case, “Someone.” Our God is big; He is mighty. He is definitely there for us when we need him. If we have something that can constantly tell us that we’re not alone, then we can definitely face life with a brave face.    

Always Be Reminded of HIM

Come on. We’re all guilty about this. When life is good to us (a little too good, even), we tend to forget Him. Maybe that’s even why we go through many trials in life; to remind us that our God is bigger than things. He is bigger than the world. If we’re always happy and when conditions are favourable, we are fast to forget. But maybe with a daily prayer app, we’ll always be reminded of Him – His presence, His love, and His mercy. 

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