7 Secrets to Traversing a Spiritual Path

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What is spirituality for you?

For most, it’s the essence of happiness and success; it’s the path which needs to be travelled, when one wants to be one with the universe and the higher being. Does that mean you too, like some of our well-renowned predecessors, have to seek divinity in order to transcend onto the path of spirituality? While the answer might seem very straightforward and simple, the mantra behind the progress is governed by the experiences of your life.

The Universe and its ways are rather mystic; it listens to every word, every thought and every emotion, and uses it to grant you your life’s wishes. In other words, it’s your own personal ‘genie’, which transforms your actions into what you seek from life. Once you gear yourself up to receive the Universe’s blessings, rest assured, you will see the difference in your life.

Desires manifest themselves, through the use of words and emotions. The more you desire, the more the Universe works towards turning your dream into a reality. The proof of these manifestations is often regarded in terms of coincidences, which shows that the Universe has indeed heard your prayers and created them into a reality for you to cherish.

Here are 7 secrets that can actually help you make your spiritual journey all the more fruitful and realistic

Secrets to walk a spiritual path

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Let go of fear

The fear of the unknown is what often drags us to our rock bottom, often causing an endless loss of confidence and self-respect. Since these two things are the most important aspects of our life, we don’t understand their true importance, as we go about our daily work routines. As soon as something challenges us in our life, we start fearing the unknown, thereby; not understanding what is blocking our path of success. Since fear of the unknown can relinquish any thoughts of success, you would never be able to hear your innermost thoughts, due to which your thoughts will never manifest into the reality you seek for yourself. Drop your old beliefs; recreate new moments which are positive and will reflect positively on your future. The moment you realize your true potential, you will feel on top of the world, emotionally as well as mentally.

Be open towards yourself

Don’t underestimate the power of dreams. Quite often, as soon as something challenges us, we tend to close down, as fear sets in, pushing us back into our safety zone. This is where we tend to lack the focus and the determination required to move up in life, trying to achieve what we believe is rightfully ours. In order to be one with your dreams, you have to put yourself out there, so that the Universe can hold your hand and guide you forward towards your life’s destination. Get out of your comfort zone; embrace the unknown, and let the Universe take you onto your path of spirituality.

Jot it down, to make the manifestation real 

Life is all about make believe: what you believe, is what your true reality becomes. For this very reason, people write down their dreams, so that they can inch closer to their dreams. When you write your desires, you are sending out a word to your spiritual guides to help you achieve what you are struggling with in your day to day life. In other ways, you are reaching out to the Universe for help, seeking guidance, solace and ways to ensure your life becomes iconic in more ways than one.


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There is no shortcut to success; however, if you practice what you preach, the chances of being able to achieve nirvana become higher. However, this does not really mean that you have to become a sage to reach that level of peace and tranquility. As soon as you start to meditate, you become one with your mind and soul, which allows you to reach another dimension of your very being.

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Once you have crossed all the worldly barriers, you can reach the pinnacles of spirituality as you see your life’s true purpose, but from a different angle. The change in perspective will help you answer your life’s problems, making things all the more enjoyable and awarding you with a more powerful, yet tranquil state of mind.

Reach out to your basic instincts

When was the last time you indulged in something which brought you joy? If you are still thinking about this, then it’s quite possible that you yourself don’t remember the last time you truly let yourself indulge in something joyful. In our day to day routines, we forget to pamper ourselves, by doing things which please us from inside. The more we get involved in the world’s affairs, the more we tend to let ourselves go astray. If you want to find your spiritual path, you can to reach out to professionals that will help you connect with your inner child and pamper it as much as you can. Indulge in your hobbies, perform activities which help you relax as well as bring you the much-needed peace of mind.

Tune into your intuition

Is your gut telling you something? Don’t ignore these signals, since your mind, body and soul are trying to tell you something. Keep yourself free from inside, so that you can follow your gut feeling, whenever you hear it calling out to you. This will not only help you tune into your own spiritual zone but also help you refrain from carrying out activities, which might harm you physically, emotionally or mentally.

Treat yourself as someone important

Never let yourself feel like you’re a ‘nobody’ in this world. Every being in this world is God’s own creation; you have your own life purpose, which you need to carry out. However, the feeling of low self esteem and self respect can often make you feel unwanted. Get rid of such feelings in your mind, so that your body can connect with the higher self, and help you transform your life into something more meaningful, and worthwhile.

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