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The Roadblocks That Are Expectations

Expectations set the tone for everything that you do. In any endeavor you begin, it is vital to identify your expectations and be brutally honest with yourself about them. Sometimes, one masks expectations, which is sure to result in disappointment, even hurt. Sometimes, we find our paths blocked, not knowing why. We don’t know what […]

Communicating Peace During COVID-19 [VIDEO]

Some of the wisest mindfulness teachers are offering guidance and help during these difficult times. One such master, Rupert Spira, teacher of the “direct path“, the neoadvaita method, spiritual self enquiry and the essence of non-duality, recently took questions from Daily Minders:   For more information, and to follow Rupert, please subscribe to his YouTube […]

Examining Barriers and Opening Yourself Up to What You Want

Examining barriers you may have is not an easy thing to do, breaking them down even more so. Whether you realize it or not, you may have built them up over time. It’s a perfectly natural thing to do, especially if you are a sensitive person.


STRESS SMACKDOWN: How to Create Calm Despite COVID-19 Chaos

Being quarantined during a global pandemic is not how most of us envisioned spending our spring! Rather, we were planning fun vacations, preparing for long-awaited graduations or weddings, or just excitedly getting out of our winter confinement. Instead, we find ourselves amidst a medical, economic, and mental health crisis all rolled into one. Can you […]

Energy Savings Plan for the Spiritual Empath

Do you consider yourself a sensitive person? Does the suffering of others cause you pain? Do you dedicate yourself to helping others but are too tired to enjoy your life? If so, you may be experiencing empathetic exhaustion! I am an empath—and a medium. I provide help for people who are grieving and brokenhearted.  The […]


One Man’s Story: From Anti-Social to Social

I find that it’s always good to start from the beginning and say what I am in order to inform what I am not. I am an autistic social worker, author, and motivational speaker from Derry City in Ireland’s northwest. Like many autistic children, I went through mainstream school, and compared to everyone else, I […]

Fearless Confrontation

We share the world with billions of people. Whether it’s at work, in public, or even at home, you are going to run into other human beings and not everyone is going to agree with you. Some people may even become hostile toward you simply because your thoughts and ideas contradict theirs.


3 Ways to Achieve Genuine Connection with People Who Matter to You

How can you tell if you have a genuine connection with the people who matter in your life? It’s difficult to explain because it’s not quantifiable. But most people will agree that having a true connection with people you value makes a huge difference in the happiness and contentment you feel in the long term.

How to Find What Matters Most to You & Focus on Them

This far down the road, you’ve probably thought about what matters most to you. You have acquired the requisite gadgets, car, and house, even have a family. But there’s a dissatisfaction that eats at you.   One reason for this is because you don’t really know what your priorities are. So you’re stuck in a job […]