Health & Wellness Apps for Millennials [Infographic]

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It’s so important that we look after our health. As the saying goes, “your health is your wealth”. It’s a simple saying but it’s oh-so-true. While our daily lives can be busy and chaotic, as long as we have our health, we can keep going.

Today’s world is a busy environment with so many distractions and complications. Smartphones are ubiquitous and they have fantastic functionality. Our smartphones have the ability to assist us through our busy day to day lives in order to track things in terms of our personal fitness and elements of our health.

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While of course, they won’t and don’t replace a doctor or physician, there are phone apps that can help to make us more aware of our physical limits and also help to push us more to be conscious of where we might be failing in certain parts of our lives.

We can use apps to help us become more fit for example without even stepping inside a gym. Or we can use certain apps to track what we eat over a certain period of time and work towards improving on it.

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These apps are vast in number but of course, many vary in quality so some might need to be tested to see if they suit your specific requirements. 

The guys at The Intelligent Health have put together this infographic below that outlines some of the health and wellness apps that they think you need to know about. It explains if they are free or paid; it details the platforms that they are on; it outlines the background behind them and it also includes their star rating and a sample review to better understand what you should expect from them. Check out the full details below. 

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