Full-Body Cool Down Stretches You Can Do After Any Workout [VIDEO]

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Stretching plays a vital role in our overall health. Our muscles and joints need stretching in order to remain flexible and strong. This is especially important before doing any type of physical exercise. If you don’t stretch and warm up your muscles, you risk injuring yourself during your workout. But just as equally important is doing cool down stretches.

Just as you warm your muscles and joints up to prep them for more vigorous activity, you need to give your muscles time to cool down after a workout. But why do you need to cool down your muscles when you worked so hard to get them all warmed up?

There’s one simple answer: You don’t want your muscles to cramp up or be stiff after working out. This is likely to happen if you don’t cool down, due to lactic acid build-up.

Who wants to go around limping in pain, right?

So, how do you make sure you don’t get that post-exercise pain?

Cool down stretches.

Fitness expert Chloe Ting shares a short, simple routine you can follow after any type of physical exercise. This routine features a series of cool down stretches that will ease your body into its normal state and aid with muscle recovery.

She uses basic yoga poses, so get your mat out!

Extra 10 minutes = thankful body and better muscle recovery

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