Articles written by Noemi Ruth

Create Your Extraordinary Life With Lifebook [Course]

Have you been dreaming of THE life you want and somehow not been able to turn that dream into reality? There is no need to keep dreaming and simply waiting. With Lifebook Online, you can envision and create the life you have been dreaming of.

It’s Okay to Be Opposites

Sometimes we find ourselves defining who we are by sticking to one idea. You’re either strong or you’re weak. You’re brave or you’re cowardly. You’re at peace or you’re a mess. In doing so, we place limits and over time, find ourselves shrinking into a little ball that is no more enlightened than when we […]

Funny Work Quotes to Lighten Up Your Day

You may be living your dream, but sometimes, work can get to you. It’s quite a natural thing, especially during these times when the world is seemingly on fire. Literally. You may not feel that overwhelming desire to sit at your desk – whether at home or in the office – and get the day’s […]


If You Need Focus at Work, Do Deepak Chopra’s 3-Minute Meditation

Some of us are blessed with razor-sharp focus. Others less so. Unfortunately, I fall under the second category. While I do have periods of intense focus, I have what I “fondly” call a monkey brain, which tends to get distracted easily both by external and internal stimuli. This is where this Deepak Chopra 3-minute meditation […]


Take the Lean Arms Challenge With Chloe Ting [VIDEO]

Is being locked down at home messing with your diet and metabolism? Haven’t been able to get much exercise done? Here’s a fitness challenge that you will appreciate. It’s certainly got more worth than the silly social media challenges we have been seeing a lot lately!

The Roadblocks That Are Expectations

Expectations set the tone for everything that you do. In any endeavor you begin, it is vital to identify your expectations and be brutally honest with yourself about them. Sometimes, one masks expectations, which is sure to result in disappointment, even hurt. Sometimes, we find our paths blocked, not knowing why. We don’t know what […]


Examining Barriers and Opening Yourself Up to What You Want

Examining barriers you may have is not an easy thing to do, breaking them down even more so. Whether you realize it or not, you may have built them up over time. It’s a perfectly natural thing to do, especially if you are a sensitive person.

Full-Body Cool Down Stretches You Can Do After Any Workout [VIDEO]

Stretching plays a vital role in our overall health. Our muscles and joints need stretching in order to remain flexible and strong. This is especially important before doing any type of physical exercise. If you don’t stretch and warm up your muscles, you risk injuring yourself during your workout. But just as equally important is […]