Articles written by Marisol

“New normal” Practices We Should Carry On into the Future

New normal. The past few weeks, hearing this phrase every so often makes me want to puke. Yet, here I am, using it myself because the term is relevant and there’s no getting away from it. Pandemics and tragedies have a way of creating a permanent adjustment in people’s lives.  Covid-19 has necessitated measures that […]


How to Help Your Kids Deal with School Closures

“School’s out forever!” Watching classic rock videos on YouTube while on quarantine took me to Alice Cooper’s song.  And got me guiltily thinking, “How are my kids coping with school closures and COVID-19?” I’d maybe mistakenly presumed they’d be like me. I had no problems with school closing. Heck, I looked forward to those days […]

How to Stay Healthy When Stuck at Home

With most states and countries ordering people to stay home to stop the spread of COVID-19, people are feeling the challenge to stay healthy. Within the confines of a restricted space, and with comparably limited resources, our wellspring of creativity and ingenuity comes in handy.   This article will discuss ways to maintain physical and mental […]


3 Ways to Achieve Genuine Connection with People Who Matter to You

How can you tell if you have a genuine connection with the people who matter in your life? It’s difficult to explain because it’s not quantifiable. But most people will agree that having a true connection with people you value makes a huge difference in the happiness and contentment you feel in the long term.

How to Find What Matters Most to You & Focus on Them

This far down the road, you’ve probably thought about what matters most to you. You have acquired the requisite gadgets, car, and house, even have a family. But there’s a dissatisfaction that eats at you.   One reason for this is because you don’t really know what your priorities are. So you’re stuck in a job […]


6 Emerging Health Trends You Should Be Following in 2020

For 2020, the emerging health trends veer away from restrictive diets and punishing workouts. People are now feeling the stress that comes with constant movement and unnatural eating habits, and are looking for flexibility and sustainability in wellness and health maintenance. So step aside, IF, keto and high-intensity interval training. The focus this year leans […]

5 Reasons Why You Keep Breaking the New Year’s Resolutions You Make

By now you must have made your New Year’s resolutions and you hope that this time, they won’t be thrown away, along with the holiday ribbons and leftover food. Okay…maybe not that early but eventually. The US News & World Report says that 80 percent of these resolutions fail to go beyond Valentine’s Day or […]