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6 Emerging Health Trends You Should Be Following in 2020

For 2020, the emerging health trends veer away from restrictive diets and punishing workouts. People are now feeling the stress that comes with constant movement and unnatural eating habits, and are looking for flexibility and sustainability in wellness and health maintenance. So step aside, IF, keto and high-intensity interval training. The focus this year leans […]

5 Reasons Why You Keep Breaking the New Year’s Resolutions You Make

By now you must have made your New Year’s resolutions and you hope that this time, they won’t be thrown away, along with the holiday ribbons and leftover food. Okay…maybe not that early but eventually. The US News & World Report says that 80 percent of these resolutions fail to go beyond Valentine’s Day or […]

How To Spot Healthy From Unhealthy Pride

There’s no question that certain behaviors are encouraged because they support mental and physical health. Like gratitude and compassion. But what about pride? Pride straddles the line between vice and virtue, healthy and unhealthy, and it’s a complicated and often contested attribute. Dictionaries themselves are no better, giving both positive and negative meanings to the […]

How to Develop Humility in Your Kids

You might be surprised to hear that one of the best things you can do as a parent is to develop humility in your kids. The surprise comes because humility is grossly misunderstood. It conjures up images of a meek and unassuming child who eats alone in the school cafeteria and does not belong to […]

How to Determine If You Made the Right Choice

The first big decision I had to make was choosing a course for college. Between high school graduation and the opening of classes, I had less than three months to pick one ( if you’re wondering why, it’s because I never gave it a thought until I had to) and my whole life ahead depended […]

10 Natural Ways to Improve Memory

September of every year is World Alzheimer’s Month, a campaign to increase people’s awareness of the disease and erase the stigma associated with it. In the US, 10% of seniors who have reached the age of 65 are suffering from Alzheimer’s, with the percentage increasing to 32% for the 82-year old and above population.

15 Quotes About Suicide

Every year in September, the United States observes National Suicide Prevention Week, a campaign to spread awareness about this social ill, its prevention, and the warning signs. It aims to promote a better understanding of suicide to the general public with a view to erasing the stigma associated with it, encouraging people to seek mental […]

Why and How to Be Still

In this modern and always-connected world, it’s become a challenge to be still. Being still, you see, is more than just not talking or not moving. But even without talk and motion, our media-laden world has deprived us of opportunities to be still, albeit with our consent. Left alone, we’re on the internet, fingers on […]

Are You Too Self Critical?

Self-criticism to a certain extent is not bad. It encourages self-improvement and keeps your ego in check. But if you are inclined to be too self critical, you’re setting yourself up for depression, failure and a lot of unhappiness in the long run. If your inner voice constantly belittles you, you eventually become what you […]

Beyond Bitterness: How to Rid Yourself of Its Venom | The Daily Mind

Bitterness is one of the worst things that can happen to a person. Like a cancer, it eats away at your soul, poisons your life, and slays your spirit. Yet, even as it continues its rabid destruction of the heart and mind, bitter people don’t recognize it and will not admit to being bitter.